2015 WC's

here bolts 9.96


looking very good

heres gatlins 8.83


looking like a sub 9.70 for these wc’s

Gatlin, as everyone knew already, is clearly the man to beat. Vicaut looked superb - if his knee holds up I expect him in the mix for medals. De Grasse, not known for his start, was well clear of Vicaut out of the blocks but that gap was eaten up very quickly and reversed. Still hard to tell what sort of shape Bolt/Gay/Powell are in. Bromell was impressive too.

I don’t remember rounds being that interesting in the last few years. Gatlin looked imperious in my opinion. However, Bolt is in 9,7 shape that’s for sure


Boy do I hate the US covereage, I want to see it all, and the streaming sites are broadcasting in vhs quality. I need HD damnit. lol




I guess the side view camera broke after this race


No doubt it’s going to be an amazing final. This could end up being a cumulatively faster final then in 2009 with Gatlin going smooth, hard look to his left, shutting down early and running 9.83, Bolt and Powell jogging 9.96, Rogers, Vicaut, DeGrasse…

gatlin looks invincible based on the semi. Bolt is in trouble. gay was pressing, asafa looks relaxed.
But if bolt puts it together, based on what he did in his semi, he can still pull it out, but he will have to run a sb




He stumbled out of the start. I saw a push after the finish and assumed it was a, ,mate you almost fell over.

Difficult to imagine Bolt winning this now unless Gatlin makes a mistake. That stumble and re-acceleration would have been hard on his body and will also be difficult to deal with psychologically. I just hope it doesn’t result in an injury in the final. I once stumbled like this in a race, and the quad of the leg I had caught myself with was so tight afterwards that I didn’t dare race again that day.

I have seen that stumble hundreds of times, just a case of trying to start at 70%.

Somebody probably has already posted this question but…does anyone have a live feed? The final is about to be run if I have translated the times correctly.


might work