2015 races


Damn. Still has some wheels!

no kidding. It’s exciting to see how some people have been able to maintain this level of performance for so long. Thanks for posting this Chris.

He just outdid himself again…


38 yr old Kim Collins Destroys the field runs WL 6.48 60m Russian Winter 2015


How can a 38 year old remind me of all those great battles in the 80s at Madison Square Garden?
BJ vs. Emmit K. vs. Graddy for example.

THat first 30 from kim was amazing


Shelly ann


That race was nasty, though Chris I thought the damage was done from about 15-40.


His average stride frequency for that race was 5.1.

Well I cant disagree with that

Nice. What has Shelly Ann run in the 100m?



You mean in her career? Top times are:

What what did he do to himself? Looked good during the race… injury going up to wall?

Yeah it looked like he injured himself about 5m from the wall. Running so good.

Anyone knows what happened and how bad the injury is? Running PBs at almost 39 is just incredible. I’m 35 and trying to get back to where I was 8 or so years ago. It’s certainly not easy. Hope it’s nothing serious and he’ll be able to carry this speed into the outdoor season.

Looked like may have been a strain. He has been running fast too often. to many fast races in a short period of time.

He must be trying to make money running all those races.

Most likely. I know he is not running for st Kitts anymore

Awesome run.