I´ve got a problem…my times are pretty good at 60, 300, 400m, but when it comes to 100m and especelly 200m I never seem to make it.

My own theory is that I tend to go full out at 200, and then continoue to go full out when that`s not possible. But I still do it and obviuse I tight up in my running and I lose the races despite a leeding start.
(probebly the mind trick you that if you run relaxed you slow down)

Maybe why this is not happening in the 400 is because you know is no chance to go full out all race.

I know that comperded to my other distances I should have a much better chance in the 200m than what I give my self.

This is very frustrating, can you give a good description on how to performe a 200m race…many thanks…

There’s several threads on 200m ‘tactics’ both here and in the archives -
But apart from that - mebe you could try a couple of unimportant races purely from a discipline perspective -
by being totally unconcerned about ur time or place and just sticking to ur mental plan - whatever that is , u may find ur performance sorts itself out .
Mind u once the gun goes off it can all go out the window lol

I would suggest you have a look at your training. many sprinters seem to do the start work and then longer stuff, but without maintaining the same sort of speed intensity in their running. Top end speed and special endurance can only be done by actually doing it.

Having not seen your programme I cant comment on whether it is that but you might want to check what sets, reps, speeds and recoveries you do for flying 40s, 120s, 150s 180s and possibly 250s

Post your times and we can help from there.

Well my 200 time is 20.93 but I know that I can do a 20.xx because my 100 time is 10.76 and I can go faster than that but I don’t do much training for the 200 so what kind of help can you give.

i’d say if you got your 100m time down then yes. but your 200m seems pretty good based on your 100m time.

Your 200m time is 20.93 and you run 10.76 in the 100m. Your profile says 21.96?

I run 10.57 in the 100m
but then my best ever 200m was 21.56 a year ago. I ususally do 21.6 or 21.7
So how come you’re complaining? May be you need to work on the speed a little. And I’m sure that I need to work on the endurance

OK new PR’s so far. I ran 10.54 in the 100 the other day. What would that convert to in the 200. (I only have had 3 days of practice so far so Im not in the best of shape)

you know what. Its very hard to know what your 200m time is compared to your 100m time. I know people who can run 10.5 and do 20.7 in the 200m and I know others ( like my self ) who have are not keeping up the endurance through the race. You know. When I was a junior I ran 10.99 ( FAT) in the 100m and I did 23.23 (FAT) in the 200m!!! I’m working on that nowadays

Ok, 1st of all, in your 300m you do 2 straights and 1 curve or 2 curves and 1 straight ?

Wow that makes me feel better about my enduracne right now. with pr’s a 11.46 and 23.20 should my 100 time be faster?

Not necessarily…You might be the Allyson Felix and Micheal Johnson type.

Yea I have yet to find out b/c I am needed for points for my track team so i run the 100 200 4x1 and occasionally hurdles. I hope that I’d run more 400’s i think I might have something good to do at that distance

Which would you recommend?

It depends,
try measure your 100m split times in 200m.
If you´re not so good ( fast ) in curves, better take 2 curves and 1 straight,
otherwise you can do 1 straight ( high pace but far from maximum ) then 1 curve ( get speed here, work over gravity, against centripetal forces ),
then, last 100m straight at high and confort pace.
My 2 cents

I know this may sound crazy, but here is what I do and I have got a pretty good differiential between the 100m(10.91 legal) and 200m (21.9).
After reaching top speed in the 200metres at about 50m-60m it is impossible to go any faster so then the aim of the game is to maintian this speed for as long as you can. Here is the crazy bit! When I reach top speed round the bend to stop my self from trying to go faster I start singing a fast tempo song, honest! People laugh but it works.

Can you describe my profile from my numbers on the track ?

I had the opposite problem one year just after high school.

11.50 100m FAT time and 22.79 FAT 200m LOL.

Had a slight injury so I neglected my start/block work but did a ton of longer speed end/strength end work.

Your training program will pretty much determine your strengths :slight_smile:

So, how tall is you ?