2005 NFL Combine Coverage

Go to www.packers.com and you will be able to view the combine coverage from 11AM-1PM CST.

It started on Sat and runs until Tues. The feed is via live internet broadcast and if you have a high speed connection it is as clear as the television.

THANK YOU JAMES!!! I have been looking for something like this, it had been the only thing that made me want to get DirecTV

Thanks James I am gonna watch today !!! :smiley:

Is it working for anyone else? It says I need the nfl “field pass”…


been trying to get hold of you. I have some things for you.

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I did get the articles. Thanks again.

Good i am glad you got them. I have the 96 tape, leonidis and pocket hurcules dueling it out. I will dub it and send it out to you asap.

P.S. how are you pulls going?

I watched some of this combine stuff today…do you guys see Edwards from Michigan benching??? I thougth he was going to break his thoracic cavity…I can’t believe guys don’t get hurt bench that way? I guess that all bench that way at the combine cause it gets the most reps but what does using your chest as a trapoline for the weight test??? What do I know??? Also watched some 40’s that guy from Arkansas ran an unofficial 4.35 I think he a big dude and he plays like three or four positions, QB/TE/WR…some of the WR’s can fly!!! I was also suprised to see Clarrett only ran like a 4.8 something like that??? Thanks for the post it is fun to watch that crap!!!

I am assuming you are talking about Matt Jones from Arkansas. He is fast and has good mobility for a QB but I would be a little surprised, not that it is impossible but still surprised nonetheless, if he ran an official 4.35.

On the surface, it is surprising that Clarett would run a 4.8 or something like that but he has been out of football for a couple of years, supposedly not doing alot of training but who knows. And if what ESPN is reporting about him training everyday for 16 hours, yes they said 16 hours, per day because he was freaking out about not doing well at the combine, then it is not so surprising. But that 16 hour a day thing is hard to believe even if it did come from ESPN.

who cares what claret’s 40 is, he is a dominating running back when on the field. anyone remember terrel davis? high 4.6’s at best. how about jerome bettis? starting to see what i am saying? its all about vision, toughness and cutting ability.

I don’t care about his 40 time but the NFL scouts and his agent do!!! :smiley:

Clarett will get into camp. He just wont get a big bonus, thats all the 40 is about.
I am going to watch the video and give more input

hfrogs…Jones did not get a 4.35 official I was wrong it was “Jones ran a 4.41, a 4.44, a 4.47 and a 4.50. In case you were wondering, if 4.50 is your slowest time in the 40, you know you’re doing something right.”

Clarett working out 16 hours a day??? If this that is true…damn!!! :eek:

I don’t care what their 40 numbers are, I was just commenting on the results. Those other numbers for Jones sound better. He is fast for his size and being a QB, no doubt. I don’t know if the 16 hour workout statement is right though. That is just what I heard on ESPN one day earlier this week. I believe, but could be wrong, that it was Ed Werder reporting that.

4.41 is not fast for ur size, its fast period

i believe clarett will washout in the nfl. he lacks mental toughness and he was constantly injured at ohio state. he might be good, but it doesn’t matter if you’re not on the field. plus, i think he’d be a cancer to a team, sort of like randy moss but even worse.

Were these 40’s at the combine electronic?

I thought all the NFL combines have been electronic since 1992 or so, but I have no way to confirm that.

That tape sounds great. Thanks

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