200 meters!!! im backkkkkkk

Today i ran my first meet in a year since i injured my hip flexor last summer and had to redshirt all of indoors and outdoor.
Anyway i think it went rather well…
i took second in 22.0 hand time.
20.7 won it… (byron cambell jamacia…runs for N.C. ELITE.) and 3rd place was 22.7.

My F.A.T. personl best last year during my cooloege season was 22.02 and at this meet last year in the summer i ran 21.2.
And got hurt 3 weeks later after running 22.31.

I was not planning on running for another 2 weeks but since this is my unloading week and i had a good workout on monday (2x150 both in 16.5, 1x100 10.8)
i figured i was ready to roll.

Just figured id let you guys know!!

yes well done.

your power level is great man.

I can feel it

great time! you have to break the ice sometimes!

I got money on Quick for the T.lane showdown this winter.

Joke Timothy…


way to make a comeback from an injury…do da dayum thang…


Way to go Quik!!! You’re crazy Shumon, did u know that DBZ is Gatlin’s favorite show?

thanx for all the support guys…
ill keep you all posted…

No i did not.

I love cartoons, i watch them all the time. Dragon ball z is wack. I never use to like it but, people started telling me about it

i watch it and my older brother.

Its powerfull stuff. Heh people can any of you remember that story i told you about my friend powering up in class. That show did damage to us.

He use to sit in class with a pencil inbetween his hands on the desk and try to move it or blow it up.

Back in the day.

But me i know where to draw the line.

After i have been to training, or just out on the streets. I com in watch the simpsons, and then dragon ball at 2am in the night.

Good job Quick

Good to hear you’re finally getting over your injury problems. Not a bad opener at all good work!!

congrats quik.

Excellent :clap:

Good time man. Continue to honor your training and analyze what needs improvement during your race. Let me know how you do over the next few weeks.

thanx again guys…

also just ot let you know i just ran a training P.R. in the 300 yesterday…
35.9 my best 300 indoors was 36.18 FAT.

hit me with an IM when you get a chance…
we havent spoken in a while…

Nice quick!!!

thanx tim…
hows your training going?

Im on the DL quick!

:clap: PR

Congrats that is awesome!! :clap:

When are you running again?