200 meters!!! im backkkkkkk

most likely next thurs. night.

hey guys!

Well trainign has been so,so…
After running a 300 P.R. (35.9)in training 2 weeks ago my hamstring has been tight so i eased up a bit for a week and half and did no accel work or max velocity work. Just special endurance. I skipped the meet last thurs as i was sore form doing 3x150 last monday…16.8 17.0 16.7.
I then took it easy for the rest of the week.
This monday i did 200 150 150 and hit 22.7 16.5 and 17. Tuesday did a 100 meter tempo session 10x100 (16.x) 30 secs rest and tonite (thurs i ran in another low key meet).
I won the 200 in 22.3. Nothing great but whatever. Second place was 22.7. I feel ok at the start but felt a bit heavy coming off the curve like i couldnt really change gear. I got a tight twice during the race but as soon as i relaxed and allowed my body to do the work i was ok.

Just figured i’d keep you guys in tune with how things are going.
I got possibly another meet or two coming up then August is my rest phase so i can get ready to start back up in full go when i get back to school in September.