200/400 plan

ok with my soccer season over, i’m thinking about trying to train for the 200m/400m for next year college team… I picked the 200 and 400 becuase if i don’t make it at least the training for these events will carry over to soccer (ie speed/power, SE, lactic tolerance etc) and i could just play soccer instead…

Anyways I’ve tried to come up with a long term plan using charlies principles and some points from a program i saw of another forum, although i am not totally knowledgeable on training for the 200/400 so it may not be the best… any comments would be greatly appreciated:

weeks 1-4

m: speed/accel, plyos, weights
tu: intensive tempo 8x200m at 85-90% with 5 minutes between reps
w: off
th: speed/accel, plyos, weights
f: ext. tempo: 10x200m at 70% with 45 secs rest
sa: special end II 3 x 250 with 12 minutes between, med ball throws, weights
sun: off

weeks 5-8

m: speed/accel, plyos, weights
tu: ext. tempo: 10x200m at 70% with 45 secs rest
w:speed end 6x120m w/ 8 minutes rest or special endurance 2 x 250, 1 x 350… then medballs and weights
th: off
f: speed/accel, plyos, weights
sat: intensive tempo 10x200m @ 85% w/ 5 minutes rest

weeks 9-12

m: speed/accel, plyos, weights
tu: speed end 6x150m w/8 minutes rest or special endurance 1 x 250, 2 x 350
w: int. tempo 12x200m at 80%/ 5 minutes rest week9, 8x200m at 85-88% weeks10 & 12 , 10 x 200m @ 85% week 11.
f: speed/accel, plyos, weights
sat: Extensive tempo 200m rest 45s, 300 rest 1 min, 400 rest 90s… x3 all at 70-75%. Then medbal circuits

m: speed/accel, plyos, ballastic weights
tu: int. tempo 6x200m at 90% with 6-7 minutes rest weeks 14 and 16, 8x100m at 80% with 3 minutes between weeks 13 and 15.
w: SE 4 x 150m w/ 10 minutes or special endurance of 250 , 350 and 450 (done in that order)
fri: speed/accel, plyos, weights
sat: ext tempo/ciruits


m: speed/accel, plyos, ballastic weights
tu: int tempo 4x200m @ 92% with 7-8 minutes rest weeks 17 and 19, extensive tempo of 8x100m at 80% with 3 minutes between weeks
18 and 20.
wed: SE/special End: 2x (1x200, 1x400)
fri: speed/accel, plyos, weights weeks 17 and 19, day off on weeks 18 and 20.
sat: ciruits/ext tempo

Deload week, then repeat.

sprint volumes star at 300 yards and gradually increase to 500 max, or until my times drop off within the session.

The weights on the speed days are heavy (ie sets of 3-5 for main lifts)

thanks for any comments.

You only have 1 low intensity day… I would consider increasing those and maybe decreasing the # of high intensity days because many days of high intensity in a row (speed, se, int. tempo, etc.) tend to be hard to recover from and possibly lead to overtraining. It will depend on your body, but I have had trouble recovering from stuff like that in the past.

Look up kitkat’s 400m stuff as it should be pretty good for you. Also, there is no speed or special endurance requirement in soccer. High fitness, but you rarely run much more than 40-50m straight, much less run 150m or 300m straight, so keep that in consideration with your training.

so if you were training for the 400/200 would you replace the intensive tempo session, a speed/weights plyos session, or a SE/special endurance with an extensive tempo?

i would do something like this:
mon: acc+max v/weights/low vol jumps and throws

tue: tempo 3000-4000m/bb circuits

wed: acc+special end 2-3 reps/weights

thur: tempo 3000-4000/bb circuits

fri: acc+special end 2-3/weights

sat: tempo 2000-3000/general strength

you could also move fri special end day to sat and have two tempo days back to back.

Would prob go with a hard/light repeat set-up or hard/light/light repeat (hard being anything of higher intensity, including int. tempo and light being ext. tempo and general strength circuits). Your plan may work, but it seems a little sporadic.