200/400 metre training

Hey guys,

Im relatively new to this board and the training concepts. I will be starting training in a week or so for 200m/400m and have a few queries.

My coach has given the group a schedule to follow during the general preparation phase;

Monday- track ( 800metre and 400metre runs at 3/4 pace with short recovery)
Tuesday- weights (snatch, squat, clean and bench)
Wednesday- OFF
Thursday- Track (400/200 metre runs at 3/4 pace with short recovery)
Friday- OFF
Saturday- 3 mile run/Hill
Sunday- OFF

I was just wondering if this was the right way to go about general preparation for 200/400m and whether i need more weights/ add tempo/circuit workouts etc…
My PBs last year on about 8 weeks proper (intensive) training (missing any sort of GPP due to a broken ankle) were;

200m-24 (timed in training at 23.7)

I obviously want to smash these this season so any help on this routine would be great.

Cheers :slight_smile:

My advice on your training program; read everyone else programs and see how the forum dismantled them, and then come back and post a new training regime.

Or e-mail me/PM me and I can help you.

But first read others’ programs and get a better idea.