200/400 Comp. Period Setup


I am a 19 yo sprinter who has been doing a lot of GPP work since september which consisted of a lot of lifting and speed work. Anyways, the time for competing is quickly approaching, and im trying to figure out how i can maximize my speed over 200 and 400 meters.Ive been running track for years now, and I have been a 22.8/50.5 guy in the past, and I am hoping that I am much faster now. I dont have any reliable times recently although i ran a 400 in 53 with barely any Special Endurance work beforehand. As far as workouts are concerned (Ive done lots of research so far), I was thinking of this, but now i realize it was too much to recover from:

M-acc. (1x40,1x50,4x60) and 2x2xflying 20s
T-400m specific workout (start with 5x200 intensive tempo (I know, I know) and progress through split runs 2x200+200 or 2x300+150) and weights
W-Extensive Tempo (2000m)
Th-Special Endurance (1x120, 2x300)
F-Extensive Tempo
S-speed end. (60, 80, 100, 120), 2x2xflying 20s and weights

So now I know I need to change it, but Im not sure what to drop. Here is what I am currently thinking.

M-acc and special end. (6x30 from blocks, 2x60, 2x300) and weights
T-E. Tempo (1600-2000m) and abs
W-400m specific workout (5x200 intensive tempo and after a time progress to split runs) and abs
Th-E. Tempo (2000-3000m) and abs
F-speed end. (60,80,100,120,120,150) and 2x2xflying 20s and weights
S-E. Tempo (2000-3000m) and abs

Do you think this is a good idea, or should I revamp it? I hope that I am close to what will work, but now that I think of it, I have too much stuff on Mon. My main objective now is to get a lot of endurance to run strong throughout the races. I would like to put some good times (mid 22, 49.xx) down quickly (before the middle of may) because I get surgery on my shoulder in the middle of May. This is why my weight workouts basically consist only of squat and bench (4-6 repsx3 sets). Thanks for any help that you can give. It will be much appreciated.

Just a thought…

What if I did an 8day week that looked like this

Mon: acc and flying 20s
T-400m workout and weights
Th-Special Endurance
F-Tempo and weights
Su-speed endurance and flying 20s
Tues-(start over again)

Do you think this is a viable option. Does it make sense?

Alright, here is what I think I am now going to do:

W: acc/sp. end (4x30 from blocks, 2x60, 3x200) +weights
Th: Tempo and abs
F: 2x2xflying 20s, 6x200 in 26 (with 2: rest) (until i can) and abs-am close now, will be in 2 weeks or so
S-Tempo and abs
Su- max v and speed endurance: flying 20s+weights (60, 80, 80, 100, 120, 120, 150, 150)
Mon-tempo and abs

F’s workout will progress to split runs (200s+100), (200+200), (300+150) and then finally to reps of 300.

W’ workout will progress to 250s, and 300 eventually every 4 weeks (will change)

Sundays workout will get longer (ie to 60, 80, 120, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250)

Tempo volume will eventually drop as the season goes on.(2000-3000m per session in beginning)

Weights will be 3 sets of 6 of squat and bench (or so).

Please say something if you feel something is amiss in this program. Thanks so much in advance.