2 day meets? do you train differently?

In a college conference meet where an athlete may do several events over 2 days, do you need to train or prepare differently than you would for a traditional 1 day meet? For example, say an athlete does:

day1- 4x1 trial, 100trial, 200trial
day2- 4x1, 100final, long jump, 200final

Is there anything that can be done to help the athlete be more ‘fresh’ on day2?

As far as training is concerned, the week of the 2 day meet you should lower the volume and make it an unload week. 1 workout that week would be sufficent.
As far as “being more fresh” for day #2 youve got a few options which most should be included. A good cooldown followed by 15-20 mins in an ice bath or cold whirlpool may help control inflamation and muscle spasm. A good recovery drink may also help in recovery as well as lots of quality sleep. If you have acess to massage or EMS that could also help.

Personally I find it difficult to compete in 2 day meets. I am very slow to recover and am almost always sore a day after sprinting or jumping. The reasonthis may occur in me personally may be due to number of events I must compete in during our 2 day conference meet which is actually coming up this weekend. On day 1 I have 100 and 200 trials and the long jump. And on day 2 I have finals of both sprints, the 4x1, and if I am still able to stand the 4x4 relay.

This is not slow recovery, that’s too many races/events in two days!

PS the rest sound good, but you really need good training background to compete in this style; I reckon…

In the schools around here, due to less depth, it is not uncommon for people to run 5 events at every meet. At state, people have done up to 7 events. People get tired, but it helps the team points alot, too. I myself will run 100m prelims, finals, 200m finals, 400m finals, the 4x100m and 4x400m finals in one day at Divisionals this year.

And this is why I’m grateful that there is a 4 event limit in cali :eek:

Nice one, Palmtag! :stuck_out_tongue:

MisGuided, I know of similar situations; I am just stating that it doesn’t mean that it’s always good for the athlete, whatever the level IMO; of course, the points for the club is a problem, too…

For those of you that can’t avoid it, all the best -and take care! :slight_smile:

Yep, I ran 6 events last year (100 3 times, 200 twice and a 4x100). I found it tiring after but during the competition i was fine. I’ll be running the same amount this year too.

I think at a high school age it’s no big deal and you can recover easier.