1st year track coach


I need some assistance. I’ve taken over the track program at my high school. I have never coached track before. I’ve set up the coaching staff pretty well I think and I am responsible for 100, 200, 400, 4x100,200,400 Boys only and 110 hurdles & 300 hurdles. Now, I have been researching different sites and books & videos and feel that I’ve learned a lot. Unfortunately it is all just individual pieces of knowledge and I am having trouble putting it all together in one program for my sprinters and hurdlers.

I have looked around this forum and keep seeing posts with “according to cfts”. I’m assuming it is Charlie Francis T?S? (training system?) Can someone help me locate a thread with cfts? Or is it all encompassed in the forum?

Help in any way would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

It is a book in the online store. Click the “shop online” link at the top of the forum webpages.