18 year old squatting 450 ass to grass!


I think its for 2 reps, and his PB last June was 10.6 FAT. His bench press at 330 1 rep max.

But I read Dwain Chambers did 200kg ATG squats…so how is a 18 year old squatting 450 pounds ATG!? :eek: :eek:

EDIT: Video of his best 100m:


(Guy in the middle)

Highlights of him:


According to one of our members, Dwayne squats 4x5 with 200…however…hugely built atghlete…will go for football/track scholarship in the US?


Ye but I mean…dwains training age as well his AGE itself, compared to a 18 year old…big difference…

little bit of wind there?

wind was just 0.9m/s :cool:

http://www.ottawalions.com/07results/ofsaa.htm (mens senior 100m final)

Gotta love T&F.

yup! n apparently his lifts improve continously.

Did he happen to be born on planet krypton? If so, there’s another guy I remember who made similar gains around high school from a similar area. People say he can really fly.

Video of the lifting, please.

keep in mind, none of this comes from me, just what is said, and he’s done high school now.
Ill try and ask him for videos, but everyone seems to approve his lifts, there’s football highlight vids of him, and one shows his football stats. His reps I think wer 14 at 225 and his vertical at 34 inches. These were taken at a combine.

In my view his speed is more impressive as I coached more than one high school football/T&F athlete who was very strong during my tenure at the high school level.

To give you an idea:

  • 205lb full back- 495lb parallel box squat 1RM, 4.6(FAT) 40yd, 11.7 if I remember(FAT) 100m
  • 185lb full back- 430lb parallel box squat 1RM 315lbx4 floor press, 4.6(FAT) 40yd, 11.24(FAT) 100m
  • 175lb running back/corner back- 425lbx5 slightly above parallel box squat, 4.4 hand timed 40yd, 4.3 hand timed 40yd (with tailwind), 11.05(FAT) 100m

While I don’t use the box squat nearly as much as I did a few years ago, there is no doubt that these guys were very strong.

I was thinking the samething, im sure there are some ave hs fb player out there squattin 455 atg, his speed is more impressive to me.

i think one must also take into consideration in their minds only, about banned topics of this forum. but just pointing it out, but im sure it is already known.

why even bring it up?

what the hell ur talking about.

im not saying anything about this guy.

keep in mind he said hes been working out for so many years and other comments and stuff on him say he works his ass off all the time in the gym.

btw apparently he isnt that big on the track work stuff…meaning he doesnt do much tempo…does drills and sprints, but doesnt and didnt have a organized training plan…it was mainly strength training.

EDIT: This is one of his squat routines, it is ATG.

2x10 warm up (Still heavy)

final set is 20 rep burnout

i just didnt understand ur comment…

ok and read my last post with the edit and what do you think of the sets/reps used for his squats?

who is this kid, havent had time to watch the video bc my youtube take forever to upload?

ultra strong and super fast sprinter.
just watch

Polish weightlifter Kolecki was squatting over that at 18 and benching 200+ kilo at around that age. All at 6’ 207 lbs., long legs and a poor squatter seeing as how his cj and front squat are approximately equal.