150m Dream Match who would win Powel or Gay

I like tyson pulling away at the last 20 meters

I think you just had your dream match (100m).

Why would anyone care about that. A 100 guy vs a 100/200 guy?? What’s the mystery?

Only reason I can see is a 200 guy is running his fookin mouth about being the faster man.

We’ve seen what happens then. Faux injuries and a Dusting!

That was the American press because a Canadian won the 100m in Atlanta and so some other event had to designate the fastest man. Of course, when the 150 didn’t work out, the American press just ignored it and kept calling MJ the World Fastest Human anyway. That went on even into the Mo era for a bit. Probably started the unpleasantness there.

yea but mj ran the 200 in 19.32 thats why people were calling him the fastest man someone would to run the 100m in 9.66 to equal that performance


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Agree with Davan. No.

Different events you can’t extrapolate one world record into the other.

MJ’s top speed not close to Donovan Bailey’s, who many say had the fastest top speed of all time and he would not beat Bailey over 100.

Bailey beat him in the 150 with MJ’s faux injury.

What the hell are you talking about?? The first 100 is from a block start!!! The second is a flying start.

Now that the 100WR is 9.74, we need to see a 50m record of 4.87. I’ll wait to put my money on that!

powell did have an explosive start in setting the world record i wonder what are the spit times?

I hope you are kidding with regards to a 4.87 50m…

I’m just trying to show the rediculous nature of the arguement of splitting a distance in half and saying the time should be half!

Unfortunately that’s using the analysis(IIRC) of noted speed expert:rolleyes: Bob Costas.

Can’t wait for the 2.435 25m WR :wink:

I get your point bob costas doesn’t know anything about track and field

I still think tyson gay could beat asafa powell in 150m asafa is probably faster in the first 100 and tyson would pull away after that

Do you realize that they have raced a few times before over 100m with varying outcomes?

yea in the 200m

if only they had raced over 100m at Osaka :rolleyes: