100 meter training

I understand the importance of developing acccl. and why accl. is necessary to develop max velocity.

But, I have a question I am working with high school kids and we are going through a 6 week GPP segment with 2 days dedicated to accl. development such as hills less then 30 meters and sprints less then 30 meters. After this period I was planning on spending 6 to 8 weeks (based on weather) on speed development such as flys and in and outs.

However,after this 2 month period the weather will get too cold therefore we will be forced to move indoor and only be able to do sprints of 25 meters…so is there a reason to spend 6 to 8 weeks on speed development even though I know that we will return to accl. I just do not want to spend the first 20 weeks on accl.

Any suggestions would be great.

I would think you could still get outside to get the flys done. Go out when you can and when you can’t, stay in and do the acceleration work and weights.

You can train in pretty cold weather without much problem. We typically go out as long as it’s above freezing – provided there’s not too much snow, ice, wind, etc. Typically, we can find a couple of days a week when the weather is tolerable in the winter months. The other day is inside with blocks and acceleration.