100 DASH Backwards!

heres something out of the ordinary to get some great minds thinking…

What do you think some elite sprinters can run the 100 in backwards without training for it specifically?

im guessing around 20 seconds… this is based pretty much on nothing.

20 seconds is way off. I have read an article a few years ago about Ato Boldon which stated that he could run 100 meters backwards in roughly 12 seconds.
It is hard to believe but with John Smith as a coach (and John really breaks down a sprinters race) it may be true.

no way 12 seconds… he runs barely sub 10 open and that is with a great start and great sprinting mechanics…
vincente maybee you are right maybee closer to 17 but no way 12! maybee someone on here will be willing to test it out and then we can get a rough estimate on how fast someone can run it.? any takers? david w seems like he likes to participate in this type of thing.:smiley:

i remember reading in the guiness book of records that the world record for the 200m dash backwards was something like 30.4 seconds…

Don’t tell me… It was run by an Irishman :smiley: :smiley:

aah hmm!:shoot::shoot:

Originally posted by Neospeed
Don’t tell me… It was run by an Irishman :smiley: :smiley:

yeh - hilarious

If I remember from guiness, the backwards 100m record is around 13 seconds. Also, a guy has run 11.6 while juggling.


i remember watching byron kelleher, the scrumhalf for the otago highlanders, running backwards on the rugby field, now he has the biggest hamstrings i have ever seen in ratio to your body, the speed he was running back was truly amazing, i dont know if he practices long distances (im sure he does short bursts as do most rugby players) im sure if someone had to try there best and train and train running backwards, they`d run a great time, and look like a donkey haha!

This reminds me of the Monty Python skit about the 100y dash for people with no sense of direction. Does anyone remember that?

Mike Agostini reckons he ran 11.1 or 11.2sec for 100 metres BACKWARDS in the 1950s “on clay in Fresno”.

He reckons he trained to sprint backwards and to "sprint on one leg’’ at least twice a week as part of his drills routine.

He won the Comm Games 100 yards in Vancouver in 1954 and was an Olympic finalist at both 100m and 200m in Melbourne in 1956.

Mike ran for Trinidad and Tobago, then settled in Australia where he remains very active as an honorary consul in Sydney. He is currently writing a book - no, not about running backwards. It’s on supernatural anecdotes, weird stuff - but some would argue not as weird as running 100m backwards in 11.1!:mrt:

nuthing against you but i dont believe it…

That would almost certainly be for 100 yards, as meters were seldom run in the US at the time. Speaking of “backpedalling”, what might Michael Johnson be able to do after Mo Greene’s performance today?

good point about the yards… so what is the difference add .8-.9?
12 is still a bit fast but more believable than a low 11.

Add 1.1 to 1.2 sec (at that speed)

charlie,as far as i can see MJ can eat his own ****.he can fairly talk it:devil:

Originally posted by Flash
This reminds me of the Monty Python skit about the 100y dash for people with no sense of direction. Does anyone remember that?

Yes, very funny :slight_smile:

You have to ask though, they have all sorts of races for inefficient strokes in swimming (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly), so why not race backwards on the track, what’s the difference! :smiley:

good point!!!

I think you’re correct about Agostini running 100 YARDS rather than metres, but then he might have been doing research for his upcoming book on psychoweirdness. He’s a good storyteller is Michael.
Tell you what though, he was short but magnificently framed in his youth. He was built like Mel Pender. Charlie would remember Mel. A little bull.

In fairness to Mike, who is a great guy, he honestly did tell me he couldn’t remember whether it was yards or metres. […never let the facts spoil a good story]…but he thought it might have been metres.