10 day taper modified

i have just read CFTS and so i will have a lot of questions since a lot of posts seem to have been deleted from the old forum (i guess each section only holds 2 pages full) Im only 17 by the way

maybe this question was already answered but:

i dont have “10 days” before my BIG MEET which is OFSSA as the regionals are the week before. How about a 6 day taper? Any thoughts? What would some typical workouts be like for a sprinter?

thanks :help:


due to the bad weather here in ontario with all the ice storms and such, i had my first real track/speed session instead of the usual plyos and short sprints (20m).

I did 30, 50, 80, and jumping in my speed session.

indoor Meet results:

I started the day off with a weak 200 where i ran 23.83 and my stride felt kind of wierd as its seemed i was understriding.

40 minutes later i ran the 60 and was really tired. I finsihed 1st in my heat and won it by over 1 second and by 10m. My dumb coaches seeded my time really low (8 sec) and so i ran in the slow heat and only ran a 7.5s :stuck_out_tongue: This sucked becasue there was no finals for the 60 so i never had anyone to push me to run faster. oh well.

I had a 2 hour layover until long jump and fouled on my first 2 jumps and had to jump a safe 5.77m to get into the finals. In the finals, I was interupted because I had to go run the 200 again in the finas and ran it in 23.71 but i felt dead.

Sprinting back to long jump i went and jumped 5.80 on my first jump and in the midst of in the air…i reached out with my hands and my hands got caught on my spikes and i ripped them back to finish the landing phase and tore the flesh out of my hands. blood was all over the track and sand. :o but it was funny because my next jump i taped it up and i sucked it up and jumped 6m. It was funny because i had to land straight up in the pit to prevet from getting sand in my wound.

With all of the poor results i had (it was disappointing as i expected to go under 7 in the 60 and jump well over 6 in LJ. ) i still mae PBs in every event.

Lj- last year=5.80 today=6.00
200- last year= 24.5 today = 23.71

this is the very first meet of the year and i can only improve from these results. looks good for this year.



what are your events? what are your times? what will you be running at your conference meet that you would liek to "taper " for? and what does a typical workout week look like for you…?

The meet schedule leading into ofssaa is excellent for leading to top performances, providing the training towards the end of the comp period is moderate. Post the comp dates and proposed training.

I havent decided if i want to focus on the hurdles or just the 100, if my time is at 11 flat or below i will do the 100, if not: just hurdles.

For jumping, my main focus for the entire year is going to be Triple Jump. The jumping sessions will have full out tj’s from various steps (2,4,6), bounding, stuff like that. I will also be doing LJ and 4x1. Our 4x1 will not be that spectacular I think. We should make it to ofsaa regionals though.

My SE will serve as most of my meets, however right now (when the freezing rain stops) i will be doing the majority of my SE at the beginning of the season.

The speed/se sesssions were designed by clemson and are very nice and low volume as I get a lot of work during the jumping sessions from run ups and stuff.

The weights are basically OLs with some bent over rows, squats, and benchs in there as well. The weight program is nice because the volume is reduced near the end of the season and is based on the 3 weeks accumulative volume and 1 low volume week. the low volume week is at ofsaa finals.

I sure hope I will make it past all of these meets into ofsaa because I made it last year into the regionals as a 1st year junior, and so unless something bad happens I should make it to ofsaa as a 2nd year junior.

I also hope to set a record in the TJ at my city meet which is only 13.50

Here is the meet schedule for may/june leading up to ofsaa:


4 - speed/jumps, weights
5 - tempo
6 - rest
7 - MEET (LJ, TJ, 100, 4x1
8 - rest
9 - tempo
10 - speed/jumps, weights
11 - tempo
12 - rest
13 - City Finals (LJ, 4x1)
14 - City Finals (TJ, 100 or 110 HH)
15 - rest
16 - speed/jumps, weights
17 - tempo
18 - rest
19 - speed/jumps, weights
20 - rest
21 - OFSAA Regional Semis (110 HH or 100, 4x1, TJ)
22 - OFSAA Regional Semis (LJ)
23 - rest
24 - speed/jumps, weights
25 - tempo
26 - rest
27 - speed/jumps, weights
28 - tempo
29 - rest
30 - OFSAA Regional Finals (TJ, 100 or 110HH, 4x1)
31 - OFSAA Regional Finals (LJ)


1 - rest
2 - speed, weights (80%) - 4x30m 1x80m
3 - light tempo 10x100m
4 - speed, weights (80%) - 4x30m starts
5 - OFSAA FINALS (rest = nothing)
6 - OFSAA FINALS (TJ, 100 or 110HH heats/finals)
7 - OFSAA FINALS (LJ, 4x1)

thanks for your interest in this stuff…
I appreciate it

The plan looks good provided you adjust the speed/jump work to reflect the demands/recovery status from your meets. the final speed session before ofssaa should consist of 4 x 30m starts only.

thanks for the encouragement!
I edited those details into my plan.

i hope for big gains this year after having a good season last year improvement wise as i basically hit puberty and made gains because of increased strength.

any other suggestions?

Stuff isn’t deleted, but you have to search for it on the old site. Just think of key words related to what you’re looking for.

yeah but wasnt there a 10 day taper thread?

Not sure. It could have been about that and not named that though. I don’t know that some weren’t deleted, just that some can be found through searching that aren’t on the two pages.

i over looked that one

meet tomorrow!

Good Luck, TJ!

after half recovered from the high hamstring pull i had to go to a meet today (field only).
Our track is brutal for jumping as it is just a rolout track of rubber that makes your spikes sink into it.

In LJ I jumped 6.11m into a 4.5+ headwind and followed up by jumping 6.02 and 6.05 --there was no finals.

In TJ i faulted on all my attempts because of the strong tailwind 4.5+ except for one which was 12.48m. My faults were monster jumps too i was so pissed!!!

I did high jump for fun today and jumped around 1.70m which was only like 5 or 6 step approach.

With all of my jumps over 6metres, i am making awesome progress and i am getting a lot of speed on the runway now, even though i could feel the tweak in my hamstring eveery stride.(i had to understride to avoid pulling it again)

I cant wait for our next weeks meet (tues) because ill get to run the 100 as well as my jumps.


Better get some therapy on that hamstring. At the least you can ice after practice for 10 min with an ice cup. and use some heat rub on it before you warm up (yes this DOES help). Hot and cold contrast showers are a big help also.

today we had a meet with decent conditions except for the monster headwind even worse than last week. At least it was warm out.

im ready to change my name to LJ2K because i always seem to exceed my expectations in LJ but am having early trouble with the TJ. I think it takes longer to peak in triple jump through the season.

I jumped 6.12 in LJ and won my division by 52 centimeters. I should be able to win SWOSSA with that jump but would like to get in th mid 6 meter range by then.

I jumped 12.55 in TJ as i had to work around the 4x100 and the 100 final during the same time as the TJ. I didnt even get a finals so i guess thats okay.

In the 100 all of our times were screwed up at the tape in the finals. I was just happy to be in the finals actually because i ended up doing 6 events today. :stuck_out_tongue: and that was my sixth. My coach said i ran around the 11.7 range but im not sure.

All in all i was happy about winning the LJ and being in the finals in the 100.

PS the high hamstring is fine now.

The link above does not work for me - dose anyone else have the link to the 10 day taper thread