I’ve uploaded my race for analysis. It wasn’t a strong meet at all. But I wasn’t lucky. My and my friend ( both national team members were there )so it was a two man race! I lost.I was in lane 4 wearing white and he was in lane 8 wearing black. Why do I die through the race?? Thats a question.While in the 200m we were shoulder to shoulder. Yes our times were bad, but he couldn’t pull away from me in a 200m but look at this 100m.God!

Charlie, it would be an honer if I got a comment from you on that race.

I was a bit overweight than that photo in the avatar, so the time was a bit bad. I tried to time it through a frames method but then it came out to be 10.52 ( on best assumptions) and 10.64 ( on the very worst ) if anyone could confirm I’d be glad to know.

hand time is 10.30


I’ll say one thing, that starter sure didn’t wait long to set you guys off. Looks like as soon as you guys got set you were gone.

I can’t help you with the running stuff though, that is way out of my league.

Agree with CMangano, the man in lane 3 was nearly moving all the way!
It’s difficult to estimate the start of the race since there is no smoke, only a wristle. We can’t count on the sound because of the gap between the starter’s sound and the recorded sound done at about 80m away from the sound source.
Anyway, when the sarter’s first arm movement, the time code is at 4.47s, when he has his hand down 4.74s, and when i take you on the finish line, the time code is at 15.34s. So i’d say something between 10.60 and 10.87!
One reason why you fade at the end is that you seem to lean too soon.

Thank you so much. Its quite good to get the time from a neutral guy. I might be trying to give me self some advantage. I really appreciate outside opinion, cause I don’t like to fool my self.

Agree with you there… Although flying technique is hard to see because the video is bright, and wearing white, I noticed the early lean at the end also.

Flying duck: Were you getting tight at the end?

The guy in black in lane 8 seems to run relax the entire race. I think that is what made the difference… I know a lot of times when a sprinter establishes an early lead they tend to get nervous and tighten up at the end. Try relaxing more, run through the end, and don’t forget more therapy

Flying Duck 1,
do you think your overall training volume is more vs. what it should be? I mean apart from the 300s, are your speed sessions with more volume vs. quality?


hey man, good footage! again very good acceleration phase, but what happens in the latter part? definitely seems like you tighten up, and your stride becomes shorter. I can see amro in lane 8 again turned on his 6th gear, wat a talent! but you can see the rythm in his stride, his knee lift and rear extension very clearly, look how much distance he covers in every stride. If you can run the second part of the race like that, shit man you know what to expect.

It is definitely not lack of strength, i know your strong man. But what about specific strength/strength endurance that supports one’s running technique? to be honest with you like a year back i used to squat heavy weights, my knee lift and overall technique was pethatic, i didnt see how it helped me. but now i dont really squat any heavy weights at all and i think im pretty much fixing the problem. Amro told me that when in the states, his coach would have him come in one day for a pure drills session, high knees, butt kicks etc to fix his technique and i can see how that worked. he used to perform drills with an elastic cord and a sled! running strong 60s is good man, but what about after that. Remember to take up the distance gradually, cause what you tend to do is jump straight off to the 300m SE, and then wonder why you lost speed at the end of the 100, its simply cause you havent taught your body to hold THAT speed for long enough, but to hold 90% of your speed for longer through 300s.

I know its hard to say than do, simply cause i have that exact same problem. but try and focus some of your sprinting between 80-120m. What do others here think?

I was very tight after I pulled away. There is this very wierd thing I do. After I pull away from athletes I know I’m gonna tighten up and I keep praying in these last strides that my lead is gonna hold on for that last step. As if tightning up is a given. Its because I never had confidence in that last bit of the race. I always feel like they are gonna come back on me. To say the truth. I have no inside "faith "that I can fix that problem. To me from my inside I feel like its something thats gonna live with me forever. I never did a race without pulling away and then get caught. sometimes the lead holds till the end. Some other times ( most of the time )it doesn’t.
I want specific means of fixing this. Very specific. Not just to follow on. But also to break that feeling I have inside!

In fact its the complete opposite. I do very little sprinting ( specially the past 2 years for injuries ) but now I have learnt how to avoid them ( thanks to Charlie and all the people here ) so now I’m in a great state of readiness. Its only that I want to do it right this time. If we talk about the past couple of weeks.I have been sprinting very little volume ( like 4 x 30m 3 x 40m 2 x 60m on one session ). I time them all using the camera and I’ve been breaking all my personal bests from session to the next. So I don’t think thats much volume.
Tempo… I’m very bad I told you.
weights… never been consistent on weight training for over 5 weeks. I don’t even remember when was the last time I weight trained. I have absolutly no supervision now so thats why I’m just messed up and don’t know what to do.

As for you komy, Thanks for your comments man. I do appreciate. Want to see you soon. I’'m about to finish exams. Ok.

Excellent advice Komy. I agree. We forget that the 300m speed is not great enough to simulate the end of 100m sprint comps. 80-120m sprints are needed.

Well I know exactly what you mean, because as a quick starter I’ve experience similar misgivings.

But now I focus on my own race and go through my phases without really caring who is running. I am always focusing on running fast and relax.

Hope that helps!

If good acceleration and top speed (for you) are there, then Speed Endurance sessions could be an aspect to look at (i.e., 80-150 m) with very good recoveries for maintenance of form in the second part of the interval.

I would try and fix this first (i.e., 100 m) and then move (specifically) to 200 m.

Proper training will sort psychology out, too! :wink:

Good luck!

Agree with you there… Proper trainng can do wonders for confidence!

from 80-150 with full recovery… Ok thats great. But then how many times? I mean a week. Should it be the first day of the week after shorter sprints, or later on. Should I substitute it with special endurance for the time being. Or what? Twice a week or would that be too much. And even within the training session its self, how much reps. should I start with 80s and prgress to 150s or should I put a form of mix. One of the sessions I used to do was 2 x ( 80-110 ) with shorter rests between 80 and 110m ( 5min ) and longer rest between sets up to 12 minutes. But then that was a very long time ago before injuries!.

ONE speed endurance session a week is enough, remember this is a very nervous taxing session so be careful with the volume and everything. A typical speed endurance session performed at 100% intensity would be ex 2x30m (warm ups) 2x60, 1x80, 120m with full recoveries. This is just a sample, obviously you can play around with the distances and volume but you must be able to read your body very well. Then you can have a special endurance session, ex 2x200m again with fullrecoveries, if your healthy and u feel u away from injuries, then maybe you can add in one acceleration session which is up to say 40-50m Anymore than that is tooo much remember. Tempo in between the sessions is just AS important for recovering from the previous session and preparing for the next one so never ignore that. Goodluck ya wa7sh

I would say that it should be the first session of the week for you now and a priority session -provided that the rest of the (racing) schedule follows accordingly. Once a week should work fine; it would be wrong to try for more IMO.

I would stay out of Special Endurance for a while, so you can see if and how Speed Endurance sessions work best for you; if this isn’t possible, I would at least gradually reduce the Special Endurance sessions (e.g., 200-250 m, a single rep, etc) and on acceleration days perhaps.

The volume of these sessions is up to you; better be conservative in the first 1-2, as you may not be entirely used to these; if you feel fine, quality is there and your recovery is also ok, you always adjust things in the next session.

If you are ok with time from target race, yes, you can start with 80s and progress to 150s; if not, you can mix them -not ideal and keep in mind that progression overall won’t be optimal. It’s up to your schedule, as you are rather trying to “fix” things in the middle of the season…

As these sessions progress, extend the recoveries for the same distances -as your times will be faster- and of course, for the longer intervals.

Hope it helps!
Let us know how it goes!

Man, you’re great. Thanks so much for all the help on that. I’ll keep you updated with what comes.

A few questions though. Who are you? e-mail, that would be much better. Thanks

I don’t know - what is really the difference between your race and the guy in black?

You look stronger, but heavier, too. You oviously accelerate faster than he does.

And he probalby does not really have better speed endurance (in the sense of lactate tolerance or sg.) he simply runs more relaxed when it comes to higher speed - which has a visible effect from 40m on. So probably he has the higher top speed, too and that is what makes him overtake you.

What you describe might be “fixed” by:

Putting more emphasis on top speed flying runs with main focus on relaxation. Best done with a tailwind more than the allowed 2.0.

(A relaxed sprintig style high off the ground. As you are about to reach the top speed zone exhale lightly and get the feeling of growing taller, the subjective feeling of your spine getting longer - similarly like they tell you when you do yoga…sounds ridiculous?)

Tempo is not bad either. Running slower than 75% you can “experiment” with your runnig a litte (even if it might not improve your top speed directly). When you move your legs in the full range of sprinting motion at slower speed you can do that so relaxed that you put in no pressure at all, let your body move by itself.

relax! - jm2c

Thanks for the advise man. It DOES make a difference when I read all your posts together guys and integrate them together. It just comes up with so much hope. My problem right now is that I’m in exmas and to finish on the 13th. SO I’m not changing anything until I finish my exams cause I’m not training regularly right now. Although I though of changing tomorrows session into a 4 x 80 and see what kind of recoveries I need and how fast I can do them, and to experiment the type of pain you get from such fatigue. Instead of doing all that in the intense training period which starts after my last exam (13th) until I reach something. I’m going full time after the 13th. So I don’t want to waste my time on nothing.

Just another comment, the guy in the black (as he’s now known :)) also runs in lane 8; sometimes running on the outside is easier on the athlete to relax; hope you understand what I mean. His running is smoother though and he doesn’t go “against” it, true…

Flying, till you finish your exams take this time and try a few things so you are ready after the 13th. Even if the sessions are not ideal, you’ll get the picture…