Also another strange thing about that guy in black ( as this name has stuck to him ), is that his wieght training is far more better than he looks. The guy is very lean and not really bulky by any means, but then he can 1/2 squat a 250Kg!!! I couldn’t believe that. When I went in I couldn’t even lift it on my back. But my legs are far bigger than his!! Same with the upper body. But then here comes the point.

Doesn’t the fact that he has a better strength to body weight ration mean that he will have a better start?? I think thats what everyone here says.

This leads me to think that having a better strength to body weight ration would spill in top speed more than in acceleration. Here is where kim collins comes in. He says that he doesn’t believe in weights but he has a VERY good start. That is something thats been on my mind lately.

Flying, I sent you an email; not sure if you got it…

Check and let me know.

You can also use a mental cue of relaxing at the end.

ie: accelerate hard to top speed and then think about floating (say 95%) to the end. If you actually stay relaxed you will go faster with less perceived effort.

If you have a few tune up races experiment with it. Remember Charlies saying of “wait for it”