10,5 sprinter doubts

Charlie and others,
I have some doubts regarding my planning for a national level sprinter, looking for a good indoor season.
I started to employ a 3 days HI int scheme 4 weeks ago, with seemingly good results…however, progress have been somewath stagnated, mainly due to sickness (gastrointestinal problems) in the last 2 weeks,so timing aRE no longer decreasing…probably this is the culprit…however…some thoughts.

  1. I’m currently using 2 days of split 60 with incomplete rest and 1 off top speed acc.
    For 20m acc + mantain, I time about a 90 % of the best time…Do you think this is adequate for such acc distance?
  2. He doesn’t always feel that “spring” in acceleration, we have followed a 4 week block with hills, aand started track as per Gpp dvd.
    He has some flexibility and max strenght problems, and achieving deep angles not always possible…I think gastrointestinal probleams are again the culprit…but…
    This is the progression for H int
    Tu: 2x20, 2x30, 2x3 x 60 (2’-6’) (20+m)
    squat heavy, clean heavy medium, hyper exercises, light bench, light bulgarian squats.
    Multi throws at the end

Th: speed dev day.
Small volume plyos (20fc ) before…
then 2x20-20, 2 x 30-20, (top speed drill)
acc: 4x30 ( 2 resisted, 2 unresisted)
4x40m full recovery
Weights: hang clean, jump squats, push press, RDL

Sat: like tu, but 3x3 x60m, squat light bench heavy clean medium-heavy

I’d like to progress like vancouver dvd, just a litle less volume.
On off days: 1 day of tempo (1700m) + circuits, 1 of circuits and light build ups, 1 with massage, 15’ bike, + abs .-light upperbody

He has great feet, but not so powerful acceleration.

I feel pretty comfortable with this set up, and I’m sure the stop in progressions are due to illness, however, do you think I should use more bounding drills, or Maybe I decreased volumes too much?
Later in spp I 'd like to switch more to this set up:
Tu: circuit build ups
Wed: SE (split runs)
Th: massage, light warm up
Fri: speed acc ( less volume)
Sat: tempo ( high volume)
Sun: OFf

Any imput Charlie?

Re. spring
The spring is CNS related, you either maximise strength or acc/speed. If this period is geared toward MxS you can experience less spring for acc.

Re. 20m
I wouldn’t do anything below 30m at less than 100% for a sprinter, speaking of acceleration training, that is.

Training means
You seem to be using a lot of training means all at once in the microcyle (strength and power weight exercises; resisted runs, interval 60s, full recovery 40s, speed play…); I hope you know how you are going to progress each component. I don’t know if it is covered in the Vancouver CD as I don’t have it.

Just for curiosity sake:
bodyweight, squat depth and 1RM squat/DL?

What is his body weight? I would probably decrease the hi days, your overall plan look ok.

90% off of 20m+ maintain is probably about right I’ll get 6.5 for 60m at the end of the year and start the year on about 7.0 from 20m+maintain.

If he hasn’t got much spring it could also be that his muscle tone is too high.

Thanks for all the imput…

  1. I’m in transition to a full spp plan, so i still use something from GPP. ( 20m acc, will disappear next week)
    2)I plan some resisted runs ( I had them until 2 weeks ago) together with actual sprinting to have a “wake up”; he takes some runs to give 100%, so before sprinting we’ve used some bounds, some throws, and now I want to experiment this.
  2. I use split runs as per Charlie DVD ( and also similar to waht he used to do), but will progress to the scheme I wrote later.
  3. bw: 78 1rm parallel squat (worked hard to have him reach parallel) 140kg (after initial degrees the weight is flying, but will stick to a hard parallel to engage glutes more, a bit underdeveloped…later in SPP plan to have more 1/2-1/4 squats maybe)…has to work on that …also SLJ a bitless than 3,oom
    Clean: 115 kg (had to work hard to get technique on pair, was like a arm exercise)
    Tone: correct, it’s always very high a rock,since the first day I met him),…we have 1 massage a week usually, I have him doing AIS on H int days, PNF of tenser muscles before speed.

take him to a good therapist to take a look if he has some problems.

work alot with all kinds of stretching.

i don’t think it’s a good idea to use half & quarter squat, as he has to improve gluteus strength and flexibility.

He is undergoing all the flexibility exercises daily, hurdles, etc…massage regular, osteopathy and so on…
Glute and flexibility are paramount for him…if employing 1/4 squat those will be adressed in a different way.
Parallel remain my preference, but there is a place later in spp for heavy and or fast partila lifts.

Topcat mentions in his post that the lack of spring may be caused by muscle tone being to high. Could someone explain how this may occur? Is it the HI volume?

I would be interested to see your opinion on (1) why 1/4 squats, (2) how will you modify your plan later on in this case for work maintenance in glutes and flexibility and (3) I don’t get your last sentence :slight_smile: Thanks!

It should have been…" fast and/or heavy partial lifts:":slight_smile:
I’ve used 1/4 squats last year to overload muscles and cns…using other posterior chain exercises to compensate…still the base is parallel squat (or full for other athletes, not for this particular one)
Flexibility for a stiff individual can be a simple OHS, with each rep deeper and with a pause at the bottom, other than alll the classical stretches.
Today it was a bad day, still recovering from gastrointestinal problems…not so bad in the flying runs, heavy and empty of energy later…so we cut training to cope with his low battery…
Tomorrow very low int tempo and some general strength…hope he can recover well…
Heart rate in the morning is constant, but until he is not 100% I won’t change my plans…just reduce volumes a bit.
For regeneration , I have contrat showers on H int, and hot bath on low int.
Will try to get the second weekly massage session next week

Which are, if you don’t mind?

I would suggest patience with the current situation of your athlete… :slight_smile:

Could be Hyper complex, DL,rdl, different pulls and OL, or analitycal exercises ( bulgarian squats, hip lifts).

Like CF has said before why do such quad dom lifts when you have to add 2-3 post chain movements to balance things out. What if the energy isnt there to perform all the extra post chain work because of the speed vol/int…

completely agree with you… just continue to do ass to grass squats and long, walking lunges, plus hypercomplex and/or reverse hyper/RDL

Nik asked me what I would add to compensate while doing 1/2 or 1/4.-…so …not doing all of these now( and never doing all at the same time!!!) so…the energy question is not the current issue…he is doing parallel squats now…but until he recovers we have to cut something…

Finally the sickness is disappearing…and PBs are thrown around on 30m…great 60 m too…thanks for the imputs