10-15min jog

To get to my training facilitys I sometimes have to take a 10-15 min jog and the same time to get back home. (30min total)

I´m always warm and ready to stretch when I get there, the diffirens are that during outdoorseason I usually take 2-3 laps round the tracks.

The question is: is the 10-15 min jog to and back home after the speedseassions negative for the fast-twitch and the speedwork I´ve been doing? (Or should I get some kind of transportation?)

its fine. it serves as an exteneded warmup and cooldown.

I agree with QUIKAZHELL. I do the samething to and from the track for the past decade.

I don’t do any extended jogging at all.

I always start each workout with repeat 100 yds(in grass) strides followed by side-ways running, carioca, and some backwards running. Then I’m off to do some joint mobility drills followed by some PNF stretching for the hip flexors, hams, glutes, and calf muscles.

Then I begin my drills, etc… I don’t think there’s any harm to doing the 10-15 min jogs pre/post workout but I’m not convinced there’s much of a benefit either. I hate jogging, and find it really stiffens me up due to the limited range of motion. Just my 2 cents.

ksnide the cooldown is very important and i always increase cooldown time to enable me to recover quicker.you can start off jogging and slowly taper it off to a walking speed,slowly bringing HR down slow.

Thanks for the replys, seams like it´s ok, and that feels better, because that is sometimes the only way for me to get there, so why not use it as warmup insted of walking and then get started.

Thanks and take care…

Depends on the outside temp. but generally the longer I jog (within reason) the more warmed up I feel and the better I can stretch and do drills and warmup sprints. Seems to me that is simply to do with increasing body temp and circulation…the rest then follows easily.

But then the issue of weights comes up, the only way to do weights if I don´t put in a weightsonly day, is when I get back from track and 15min jog back home. Because there´s no weights close to the facilitys.