1 rep max calculator

k, for my squat, i use a 1RM calc. to have an idea of what im squattin.
but i cant tell which 1RM is more accurate between these 2 sites

  1. http://www.muscletech.com/CALCULATORS/ONE_REP_MAX/one_rep_max.shtml?text


which one do yall think is more accurate.

They’re both pretty good. I have quite a bit of experience using these types of calculators with myself and athletes and clients I have trainined. I find that 90% of the time if someone can do 275 for 3 reps they can max out at 300 for 1 rep. One calculator say 275 = 297 and one says 300. These types of calculators are pretty dead on for under 4 reps but the more reps you do and try to convert the more skewed it gets. Just something to keep in mind.

ya, but will you answer this.

i did 175 10 times on squat on last set of 4x6.
on thepumpingstation calc it says 233.
ANd on the muscletech one it says 247.

which one do i go with?

10x converted for a 1 rep max is pratically useless. I would go with the lower one but that may still be too high. Go fresh next time for a 3 rep max and get back to us.

alright, my last max was 230 so, but what rep ranges are the best and what are useless

also where do you use your 1RM calcs

These programs are bulls…nothing can tell you how much you can lift based on your 2,3,4…reps.
Get out !!

For under 4 reps its pretty darn close. Try it out and let us know.

I used to be able to bench press 170lbs now I can barely do 150. However I can do 125 pounds 20 times easily and the calculater gives me 159 for 10 reps. So basically don’t go by these things and just do it yourself, everyone is different.

As I said the higher the reps get the more skewed the numbers become. However, most likely if you do a 3 rep max and convert it with this calculator it will not be more than 10 pounds off.

I agree with Quik on this one. The higher the number the less accurate the projection will be. Try to find a range of 4 reps or under. A max of 2 or 3 reps is used quite often which also cuts down on the risk of injury that 1 rep presents. Let us know how it turns out.

Depends how strong your are. I’ve noticed the stronger you are the less accurate. I found they seem to work pretty good for my high school kids. I can squat 750lbs for 5 reps and it says I can squat 900lbs for 1. I loved to believe that was true. WHo knows maybe it will be come June 11th.

Are you bodybuilder or weight lifter ?

You’re absolutely right. There’s not a real accurate rep-max calculator that considers training age appropriately.

but the muscletech one has a choice between 3 exercises(squat, bp, dl) i use the calc for the squat.

thepumpingstation one just calculates anything.

and they both have different calculations.

I’m a powerlifter. I lift to increase my max in the bench, squat and deadlift.

anybody used these since i started this thread, anybody found that they are more accurate or not.

i guess mine would be right since i proly dont use as much weight as yall do