1/2 marathon w/sprinting (long)

Good afternoon.

This is the plan I’ve come up with so far based on info from my other post Combining Sprint and 1/2 marathon training

Most of the training is obviously focused on the 1/2 but Wed and Thurs are ‘speed’ type days. I don’t have a firm grasp on all the concepts yet, but I think this entire plan would fall under GPP. Wed is Hill or Extensive tempo but not sure what to include on Thursday. Acceration Development? SE I or II?

Still in the process of putting together my lifting plan. What I think I know now is based on Bompa’s Serious Strength Training: 3 days (t, w, f or sat), full body, MxS w/Hyp, 3-1-3. During the time I’ll be working on improving squat tech and learning Snatch/Clean. That will take me to early to mid Dec. With travel, holidays, and LSD mileage building I’ll probably just work on the OL until after the 1/2 marathon.

Please be as detailed as possible with any suggestions. Distance. Reps. Rest Int. Total volume p/work out. Etc. I found some really good information in this post on training HS runners. Know of any other GOOD links that spell things out?

The attached file is a zip file. The plan is in Excel. I’ll gladly email directly to anyone that can’t open the zip file.


For some reason the only attachments allowed are *.jpg, etc. I’ll see if I can link from another site.

Lets try this:

XLS file

Right click with a Save As. Should work. If not…ummmm


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How`s the training going ?