zma, tribulus, reishi mushroom

O.k. this is a 2 part post the first is what is evryones opinion on taking a product with ZMA, rhodiola, aveena siteva and Trib. in it together. I have done some reading and have found the info to be inconclusive some say it is great others say no because you need protien to absorb tribulus and if you get your protien form a shake or any other calcium based food the zinc will not absorb well. I know that the calcium will inhibit the absorbtion of zinc but not to sure about the trib and the protien. I’m sure if you ate an animal based protien or ablum based one it would work but still unsure any ideas???
O.k. now onto part 2 has any one ever heard of REISHI MUSHROOM from what I’ve been reading Charles Poliquin gives it to his athletes because it helps to decrease cortisol levels, Ive done soem reading and it seems that the mushroom does help stabalize adrenal hormones much like rohdiola. Anyone heard of it and what it does or better yet anyone used it or uses it???

Saw that on Poliquin’s site. He also mentioned ashwagandha.

anyone know anyting more about Reishi??? I remember Poliquin said that was the magic supplement David Boston used…uhhhhh yeah that and bary bond’s flax seed oil :cool: …Also anyone ever heard of Huperzine A???