ZMA side effects(Are there any?)| Whats the best Whey to use isolate or concentrate?

Hi guys,

I just read a zma article that said it makes you have really lucid dreams (Whats up with that?). Has anyone experienced that or anything else with ZMA. Also its says to take 30-60mins before sleep. Does it mean take all 3 capsules at once at that time or scatter them through the day(I took one at 5:30am yesterday before gym work and felt tired as hell for the rest of the day.).

Also what is the best whey protein to use Isolate or Concentrate?

I think that you might have some trippy dreams due to the vitamin b content, but I’m not sure about that. As for the timing, just take it right before you go to bed, and you’ll be fine (all 3 capsules at once, preferably on an empty stomach, also make sure to stay away from calcium products within an hour of taking ZMA).

ZMA is vitamin B-6, Magnesium and Zinc. As for the increased dream production I have yet to hear any research with B-6 creating lucid dreams. First lucid dreams are at a state that the dreamer is aware if he was dreaming. If so I would be taking ZMA by the fistfulls to create dreams of me and Caprice or a desperate housewife! I think the cause is perhaps a relaxation benefit due to a magnesium definciency.

Whey proteins should have their growth fractions intact. That is why any 0 fat product is not optimal because much of the growth fractions are in the fat membrane of the whey. Some new process methods are using nano filtration to mimic the hydro wheys available creating some impressive responses.

So would taking pure amino acids straight after traing rather than whey be a bad idea. One repretable manufacturer suggests that this would be advantagous because of the quicker absorbtion due to reduced processing by the body.

They do however suggest a WPI to follow this up 20-30min later.

A major ZMA side effect is an erection in excess of 4 hours in duration. Or perhaps it’s that other supplement I’m using… :slight_smile:

I’ve used ZMA farily regularly before bedtime for a couple of years. I’ve not noticed any side effects.


Each ejaculation is one mg of zinc…so the next attempt to have a baby you might want to use ZMA! (seriously Medical Biochemistry 2001)

regards to whey-

After reading the litterature and from my own experience I like using charlie’s suggestions of the following.

Preworkout- ALCAR and Tyrosine with some Nootropics.

During - BCAA blend (extra Citrulline Malate and B-6 just dress the label up)

After- PWO if needed

After after- Casein drink

Night- ZMA if diet and training require it. Fish oils in the afternoon.

Zinc and Magnesium in ZMA actually become Aspartate (form of aspartame - artifical sweertner) in the body. Aspartame has been shown in some studies with rats and chimps to have positive effects on tumor growth. By positive I mean - for the tumor, not the person. I’ll try to find some of my old biochem stuff and post it, for refrences.

Sorry, what i meant to say was vivid dreams rather than the lucid variety. But yeah with regard to whey protein Clemson, your saying that it would be better to have whey concentrate rather than isolate with regard to the fat content in concentrate. An interesting post about the ejaculation depleting zinc. Does anyone know what happens to the body if you refrain from ejaculation for long periods of time? If i go without it for longer than 2-3 days i’ve found that my reflexes become quite amazing. Have there been any studies on the effects of this on athletic performance?

I have been taking ZMA for about a year now and have had the craziest dreams. I find however I only have the vivid dreams when I have taken the ZMA on a empty stomach.

The directions for ZMA say to take on an empty stomach but am not exactly sure why ?

What changes if any have you noticed since you started taking it? If so how long did it take before you saw results?

The changes I have noticed from ZMA are having much deeper sleeps and feeling much more refreshed in the morning. The dreams started to occur about three days into my supplementation of ZMA.

ZMA calculator!

If you train twice a day (1)

If you drink coffee or tea (1)

If you eat a mixed diet (2)

If you are in a hot training evironment (1)

If you drink alcohol (2-3 drinks or more) (1)

If you are a vegetarian (4)

Any score above 3 should take ZMA

So after 8-12 drinks ZMA should be deployed? Darn, that means every day! I like the magnesium in it too, especially in hot conditions, which means more drinks – ya ya margarita!

Seriously, If you have access to cheap ZMA, go for it, at least when you train at hardest! There’s no point in buying Mg and Zn separately if the prize of ZMA is low.

Good stuff. One more:

If you feed the chickens more than twice a day (2) ejaculation!!


Funny story … years ago one of the Spinks brothers got his dream fight lined up with Muhammed Ali. To prepare he decided to save his Testosterone and abstain from sex etc. for a whole year before the big fight … A whole year? Crazy.

I don’t think it makes a real difference.

Think about it for a minute - and check out the CNS thread too- the greater the life stresses the greater the CNS stress - what is a better way to release stress? Unless you’re starting to go blind and not coming out of your room at all you should be fine.

The morality question is a different question though.

Oh Spinks? …

Ali Whupped him


HAHA good one.

But seriously the dream thing is true. For me anyways.

Yesterday I did the ab routine from the GPP dvd and 2x6x40 then I ran out of gas on the last one so I only did 3x40. I took 3 pills. Maybe I am taking too much?

Think Charlie has mentioned that the East Germans’ use to encourage sex etc. Must alter testosterone / cortisol levels.

It’s weird though, because I did what you would call self testing on this matter and noticed that my reaction time and reflexes become pretty damn good when i lay off it. My friends tell me that i become a huge pain in the ass though. Has this topic been discussed on the forumn before?