ZMA=no sleep!?

I know this has been mentioned by someone before but i have has the same response. When i take Zma i cannot seem to fall asleep.
Just to recap since i cannnot find the thread. Why can this be?

Does B-6 have a stimulating effect in some people rather than muscle relaxing effect?

I think I once replied to a “what results have you had form different supplements” thread and mentioned that I can’t sleep on ZMA, don’t know if that is what you read.

Heh. So I’m not the only one that hasn’t benefitted from the marvelous theoretical effects :rolleyes: of ZMA supplementation. I still have my bottle with like 70 caps left sitting on a shelf. I’m afraid I wasted my money there.

I can’t comment on ZMA specifically, but when I take a zinc supplement before bed I have had trouble sleeping.

I sleep awesome when i take it… which is pretty much everynight. I never really had many dreams, but now I get them pretty often. Makes sleeping more interesting. :slight_smile:

had the same thing happen to me.not only that,but sometimes it would make me feel like im about to throw up.

I think the throwing up part is from not having enough water with it. If the capsule breaks up in your throat that’s what it feels like.

Yes some people are sensitive to B-6 and this can cause some to
wake up shortly after going to sleep. The B-6 is added because it
has been shown to double to absorption of both zinc and magnesium.
The ingredients begin to be absorbed about 20 minutes and
are at full strengh in the blood stream at about 90 minutes.
By taking the ZMA at least an hour before going to bed you can
eliminate the short term stimulation effect that occurs in some people
from the B-6. When the magnesium kicks in, yo will become sleepy.
In short, do not take ZMA right before you put your head on the
pillow. Once again, try taking it at least one hour before going to
bed. If that does not work, then try taking it 90 minutes before
going to bed. This should help you get a more deep and restful sleep.

What is the effect of b-6 supposed to be? I wasnt aware that the b6 helps the absobtion of the magnesium and the zinc. I always thought the b6 was in there for its muscle relaxation effects.

Can you breifly explain the mechanism for the B6 causing a stimulating effect in some sensitive people?

This is odd, I thought the purpose of taking ZMA was to get a more restful sleep, no?

If B6 makes some people more sensative to waking up then that would mean I’ll have to stop taking whey protein before bed as that is stacked with the stuff.
(Whey + yoghurt = whey + Cassein.)

I took ZMA 6 years ago for 3 nights in a row and got allmost no sleep, have never taken it since.

Could be the Zinc though as suggested by Alex.

Does anyone have a link for the zinc deficiency while training studies?

no,im talking hours after having taken it.and when i say feeling like im about to vomit,i mean like alot of saliva building up in my mouth like when you’re about to throw up.

Weird…I took one bottle of Twinlab brand, and I slept better than usual with it. I didn’t even know that ZMA helped sleep at the time. I thought it was just for reducing soreness and helping recovery. So it had to be significant for me to notice the difference. Sort of a fuzzy feeling when you wake up like when you wake up well-rested or are on allergy meds.

That’s weird because whenever I take Biotest ZMA right before my head hits the pillow and I fall asleep, I have deep, restful sleep and wake up 7 hours later without an alarm. I feel refreshed and fully rested. I don’t notice anything spectacular when I take it 1 hr before going to sleep. Is it just me?

I didn’t notice anything spectacular at all when I took it. It is my belief that a good mattress with a proper bed set up will do much more to help you get a long deep sleep than the zma will.

I take it right now just before hitting the sack and I’m gone all night. I’ve started to sleep much better with it, actually. I haven’t taken it in a couple days and noticed that sleeping is becoming an issue again, so it’s time to quit being lazy, I guess :rolleyes:

I find myself sweating alot during the night with ZMA…

Someone woke me up twice recently in the middle of the night and my t-shirt was soaking in sweat - my only chnage to my diet is that I’m back on the ZMA for the past 2 weeks.

Now unless I was sprinting in my sleep I shouldn’t be sweating that bad???

Thoughts - is it ZMA or something else?