Zma For Females?

Would it be ok for female college athletes to take ZMA? (test levels will rise??)bad?

dcw23 raised a good point in another thread and id like to hear everyones thoughts.

You would be better of thinking of it as stopping test levels falling rather than making them rise, which is how you should be thinking of supplements anyway. Even then, I am not that sure how effective ZMA is over a quality magnesium supplement for females anyway.

i was wondering as a female athlete, because I have heard it would be very good for recovery. i am scared, i just dont want to wake up one morning with a beard!! LOL :eek:

Female athletes get depleted just like males, it would just be a matter of how much to take, to restore what was lost.

Zinc and magnesium levels have both been shown to be depleted in
female athletes in training. By building the zinc and magnesium levels back up to normal through appropriate supplemention, a benefit is to
normalize the levels of hormones affected by reduced zinc and magnesium. Magnesium WILL NOT ever give females a beard.
Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase muscle strength in
female athletes.

Marion Jones is claimed as a female athlete using their ZMA.

For what its worth…

amazing… i was going to ask this question myself.

So now that we know I can read minds, put some clothes on and I will send you the website.

Aww what the hell, here it is

Where are you going next fall? Staying in N Eng?

hahaha thank you…
i am applying early to yale so hopefully i will end up there next fall, but if not i am still applying to schools in NE.
we will see if i am taking ZMA by then :wink:

ZMA is nothing more then zinc, B6, and magnesium…like all supplements too much of anything.

ZMA has helped me keep my concentration up during studies to the point where ,if I dont take breakes ,I get a headache (which I am prone to.)