zma and creatine

Im training for the 800, i take creatine mon wed fri after lifting workouts. Would anybody reccomend taking zma as well before bed? if so SNAC sounds like it would be the brand to go with, does anybody have a good website that sells SNAC products. also ive been taking protien but i think im going to switch over to enduroxR4 before the season starts up. if anyone has an opiinion or other suggestions that would be great.

Visit and tell them you’re a C.F. visitor. I’m sure they will give an extra disc on their prices.

What is ZMA? I’ve heard talk about it aiding sleep, boosting testosterone and GH. I sleep fine and, being an international-level athlete (sprinter/jumper), would be concerned about the other two claims vis-a-vis doping.
What about glutamine?
I’m not too well up on supplements in general but have taken creatine occasionally. I usually stop when it causes my legs to get too heavy or stiff. Any idea how to avoid this?

ZMA is a zinc, magnesium ,vitamin b6 dietary supplement developed by balco labs/snac systems.
There are many threads on ZMA on this site. I suggest you look for posts by Tom Green.

As an aside - In addition to helping with sleep I have found it keeps me focused throughout the day -to the point that I have to stop reading or using the computer at regular intervalls to prevent getting a headache.