Hi everyones, I know that many of you have had great results from ZMA supplementation.

There is now a new ZMA, ZMA-5 which include folic acid and 5-HTP in addition to the old formula.

This is the first time for me tonight. With regular ZMA, I can’t take three caps since I respond easily to B6 and cannot sleep unless I take It 90min before bed. I usually take two caps 30-45min before bed.

So far I can tell that after three caps of ZMA-5 tonight, I only have a relaxing feeling and feel sleepy.

I would like to know If anyone have tried It, and what difference It has made for you?

I will also follow with my own feeling of what have been the difference between the two kinds of ZMA…

and here’s the same guy’s BodySpace review on it:
Here’s what I noticed. With ZMA I noticed a deeper, more beneficial sleep. I noticed that it also aided in recovery after my more intense workouts. It also gave my some pretty vivid dreams, some wild, and some just weird. I didn’t notice any real difference between the original ZMA and the ZMA-5 on any of these but did notice all of the same positives. The only thing negative that I noticed was morning grogginess, which usually lasted only a couple minutes. I attributed this to the deeper, more full sleep that I got. I also found that it seemed to work best on 7-8 hours of sleep. When I got more sleep, it also minimized the amount of grogginess that I felt and seemed more refreshed.

Original ZMA verses the new ZMA-5
The only real noticable difference that I noticed between the tow was the mood boost. I saw an increase in feeling positive and more relaxed. I typically noticed the biggest improvement on the third day of use, which leads me to believe that the mood support of the 5-HTP increases with continued use. I see all of the benifits of the original ZMA in the ZMA-5, plus the ZMA-5 enhances mood. Good combo.
Get it for cheaper here

Guys, just buy Zinc, Magnesium and Vit B6 seperately… tonnes cheaper!

Take 450mg Mag, 30mg of Zinc and around 10mg B6… worked as well for me as as any top ZMA pills at a fracton of the price!

I’ve used the traditional ZMA and like it but Ange has used both types. She felt that the ZMA5 required more sleep time than we normally have but I’m sure it would be good for those of you who don’t need to get up at 5:15 or 6! I hear alot about making your own combo etc, but I always live by the motto “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” The SNAC type ZMA works and some of the other brands don’t. It’s just not worth the price difference to screw around. T-mag had good prices for the real stuff last time I checked

That seems a good price also- and it’s the real stuff

The only zma product I have gotten anything from was Z-mass back in the day, maybe I need to try t-nation or snac products.

I remember zmass from cytodyne. I think they were adding something extra in there.

What about this cocktail for 15 bucks:

3 Capsules contains:
450mg Magnesium Apsartate
30mg Zinc Aspartate
10.5mg B6 (Pyridoxine)
100mg GABA

I take zma and Gaba now. good stuff. I seem to always dream about getting work done for some reason when I take gaba

Has anyone heard or used a product called Forza-T? It’s supposed to boost testosterone. I don’t know if they still sell it but it was made by a company that Sylvester Stallone owned. It’s ingredients were ZMA, 6-oxo, and tribulus terrestis if I remember correctly. I was thinking of buying the ingredients separately. Anyone?

I don’t think they are still in business. I know 6 OXO is banned by FDA, but there are other less effective blockers.

yea, me too… Me and and friend used it but we both had the same problem in that we woke up feeling confused and not well rested.

Where do you get all that for 15 bucks?

Just out of curiosity is 6 OXO a SERM or an aromatase inhibitor? What other blockers are there?

It’s actually anti aromatase. Got banned in the latest sweep of over the counter supplements. You can check and see, I think Ergopharm still makes a product that is ok to sell.

final review on zma-5 vs zma

slightly better for sleep, but much less efficient for testo boost, so I like the original version of zma much better!

I have a bottle of both. I thin the zma 5 gives more energy when i awke

For what its worth, I found no difference when using ZMA-5 compared to using Zinc Mag and B6…