What do you all think of what the legend did to Materazzi?

Personally i gotten as much abuse on regular occasions in my sport yet i’ve never been sent off or got in a fight.
But thats just my way. For me winning is everything and id not jepordise that by getting sent off. When i lose 2 weeks of depression follow. When i win even the worst personal performance is celebrated!

If someone said it to me off the pitch then id do and have done much more than knock the person to the ground though.

Either way i think i lost something in my opinion of the man after it.

He’s still number 1 for me over the last 10yrs but to go out winning the world cup would have been the most inspirational thing ever.

opinion please?

I agree with you what the press (and F.I.F.A.)are doing is triing to show Materazzi as the killer and ZZ the “poor guy” c’mon let’s be serious!!In my opinion ZZ should have been quiet (because such things always happens in the field who said the contrary is liing) and answering at the final (after the penalty kicks) to Materazzi because we say “vindication is a “cold” plate”

I agree. Materazzi’s getting villified but such things happen all the time on the pitch and Zidane’s a muppet for getting involved.

If my mother was sick (as Zidanes is supposed to be), and some tramp, who was marking me, knew this, decided to insult her, my sister and refer to her as an Algerian terrorist (as is also alledged) I would have broke his ankle in the next tackle, made it look as much like an accident as possible and hoped to get away with it.

But then again that’s just me.

Couple thoughts.

#1 He didn’t put him in the triangle choke. He headbutted him in the chest. Come on! That’s like your friend punching you in the shoulder really hard.

#2 It seems that talking trash is extremely effective at times!

#3 similar thing happened to Vernon Maxwell of the Houston Rockets several years ago. Some dude in the stands “insulted his family” so he went into the stands and punched him in the face. He got kicked out for the remaineder of the year. Houston still won the title though I believe.

People say that Its a shame that he did this,
and his image will be tarnished forever.

I agree with no23. I would have broke his ankle on the the next play

yes, a very unwise thing to do at the Finals,
but, If I were provoked in that manner,
there would be much more hell to pay.

all in all,
very nice headbutt.
materazzi got thrown off his feet!
my italian fan friends say he was just acting, and jumped,
but we all know zidane connected.


its a fair indication that is time to retire when you react like that…

He was the shame of the cup,
Zidane now is done
honte :o

The more intense the game (world cup Finals) the more intense the trash talk. I Think Zidane would of gotten away with the headder if it had not been shown on the television during the game for everyone to see (referees and all).

And what did Zidane say to the Italian??? . . .

now thats a post worth some rep power for sure.