Zhanna On The Blocks For August 2 Return

I saw Flo train from time to time and she was always a great talent and always trained hard. I didn’t see her in 1988, but the real difference was when she reached the strength level where she could raise her hip just that half inch that changed her mechanics from the “rolling gate” she used to have to the perfection you saw in 1988. (enough height to allow the foot to sweep down and back much closer to BDC)

Charlie, can that action be replicated on a sprinter today? Could that same level of strength be achieved by another female or was it the collection of existing technique with the addtion of super strength that made Flo-Jo’s technique so effective?

I read that in the early 90s Irina Privalova attempted to employ the same technical model that Flo-Jo used but coaches then decided to develop her own technique further and 5.96/6.92/10.77/21.84/49.89/53.02 are the results of that!

Privalova had her own technique with a bounding style that was great for acceleration but perhaps limiting as far as top speed is concerned. Flo was unique in developing the technical model to the highest level seen so far in a female sprinter, though I am certain that Marion has the capability to meet and eventually exceed Flo with the development of her form to its ultimate level.

Charlie, you always leave me asking more!

What would Marion need to do? From previous years I’d say she had almost perfect technique for a woman. What is there to change/improve?

Watch the difference between Flo Jo and Marion’s upper body.

True, there isn’t the same level of relaxation or range of movement for Marion who has a much shorter arm action for a women with Marion’s height and lever length.

Please see the sprinting thread for comments on Marion.

Charlie, I tried searching Forum Archives and your name and no responses and i tried the same with the Sprint Training area. Any ideas on where i can find your comments on Marion’s technique and possible improvements?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Zhanna Block ready for come back
Monday 28 July 2003
Hello Everybody,

I know I have been missing from the circuit most of this outdoor season which has been very disappointing for me.

The reason I have been out is do to an injury to my quad muscle which has healed and I have been training very hard again for the past few weeks.

I feel when you get on the track you should be 100% because nobody wants to hear excuses. I also want to congratulate Chandra Sturrup and Kelli White both ladies who suffered major injuries last year and have comeback on fire this season.

I hope my return to the circuit can also warm things up a little more, although I think the women’s 100m will be hotter than ever at the World Championships.

I want to thank Dr. Muller Wohlfhart and his team of Dr. Thomas Mendlessohn and Physio Oliver Schmidtlein from FC Bayern Munich. I have never met people who cared more about what they do and I could have never believed they would have they would have treated me so well.

My next competition will be at the Night of Athletics Grand Prix II meeting in Heusden, Belgium where I ran the World’s fastest 100m for 2002.

I can’t think of a better place to restart my season. I plan to run a total of three meetings before the World Championships where I am still planning to run both the 100m and 200m.

Wish me luck as I need it.

Best wishes,


I was wondering if you could expland on Flo Jo’s strength and in turn improved mechanics? It would be appreciated. Where might she have improved her strength levels? It might (probably) be more obvious to you than me. Types of speed workouts (as you’ve talked about her SE workouts before)? I know that this is rather old but I’m in for a history lesson!!!

still looking for a reply to this little note/question

My guess would be the lunges, and any other hip extension exercise she may do from the increase in hip height comment.

Anybody else in the know care to comment?