Youth Development Training

I’m currently attempting to design a winter/indoor training program for my athletes, so I could use a little feedback. I’ve only done periodization for a 4 month period, so I’m kind of new to planning out the entire year.

I should give a general description of my athletes. The group is relatively small, about 8 to 10 athletes. The majority of athletes are 14-16, however I will have a couple of 12 and 13 year olds. I’m not expecting the younger athletes to do the same volume or intensity at the older ones. Their program will be adjusted.

Training wise, I’m looking at having 3 practices, plus an optional practice a week during winter training. One practice for general strength/tempo work, one for speed and plyos, and another for weights. I’m recommending yoga once a week for the optional practice. The younger athletes will not be doing weights, but an additional body-weight exercise circuit.

If I want to have 4 one-week microcycles per mesocycle, with increasing intensity before an unloading week (eg. L-M-H-L), would I start the next microcycle with a light week (LMHL, LMHL)? Or would I go straight to a medium week (LMHL, MHLM)?

In order to track their progress, would someone recommend that I test every fourth week? Or should I test every eighth week so that the athletes go through two mesocycles?

Some of this info might be in Charlie’s products, so if you know which ones, let me know. Once I save up enough money, I’ll get them. Thanks!