Your guys' experiences with the Zone Diet

I know lots has been said about the Zone Diet in the former forum. I’m interested in real experiences of those who have actually stuck with it. Did you lose weight and/or body fat? Did your athletic performance increase or drop pp.? I’ve read both positive and negative feedback on it, so I’d like to get reliable arguments by athletes…:help:


Check this link out. It will take you to previous discussions on the Zone Diet. Hope this helps.

I have had good success with the zone diet. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, just eat healthy. I found I had a lot more energy when I was in the “zone”. I woke up feeling less drowsy in the morning, and could get through a whole day of work without dosing off. Overall, a good weapon to have in your arsenal.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m currently reading “The Zone”, and it appears to totally change my views on nutrition. I’ll probably try to follow it soon. It sounds VERY plausible…

i have been on the zone diet for about 6 months now and i have gotten the best results in my life as far as being at my leanest, always feeling recovered and never feeling sluggish (though this could be attributed to adequate sleep) i sleep better, and my lifts are always going up. the best part about it i think is that it gives you i real good outline as to what is good and why. the 40-30-30 is the best thing i have seen and getting almost all my carbs from fruits and vegies seemed to help lean me out. any opinions, any other people try this or any other diet with success??