Young 100m Diet

I’m a 15 year old male 100 and 200m sprinter from the UK. I would like to ask you for a suitable diet for me, without using supplements because I feel I am far too young for them. Here is a rough journal of the training I do.

Monday - 1-2 Hours at the Gym (Depending on what I do on Sunday, it might be a rest day)
Tuesday - 1.5 hours Sprint training
Wednesday - Rest and recovery
Thursday - 1.5 hours sprint training
Friday - Ab work, no gym
Saturday - Rest and recovery
Sunday - 1-2 hours at the gym

Thank you.

What does your current diet look like? We’ll go from there… Goals?

and what do you do at the gym i.e.?

Ok, this is gonna be pretty long.


To decrease my 100m and 200m time

Current PBs:

100m: 12.3s
200m: 24.2s

I would like to drop the 100m time to below 11 seconds by the end of this year, and the 200m to 24 or lower.

Diet just now:

9am - Weetabix (With Semi-Skimmed Milk), Fruit Juice, Grapefruit

12pm - Tuna with vegetables, or even a wholemeal bread sandwhich with anything of High protein (e.g. Chicken, Turkey or other lean meats) with salad in them.

3pm - Usually a piece of fruit e.g. an orange or something.

7pm - Depends on the meal I’m having. It’s usually a chicken dish, sometimes a pasta dish, or even a tuna dish.

I also have around eight glasses of water a day, and about 4 glasses of milk.

Gym Training just now (not in order):

Chest Press: 3x8
Seated Calf Raises: 3x8
Dumbell Military press: 3x8
Pull downs: 3x8
Bicep Curls: 3x8
Ab/ad machine: 3x8
Tricep extensions: 3x8
Seated leg extensions: 3x8
1 Leg Alternating Curls: 3x8
T-Bar row: 3x8

(I would like to do snatches, squats and power cleans, and any other barbell exercises like those but I do not have the right technique, and I have no coach at the gym to assist me when learning how to do it, so I don’t want to do it alone incase I cause myself any serious injuries)

I hope this is enough.

Alrighty thanks for the details…

PB’s of 12.3 and 24.2 aren’t bad; how old are you? Dropping below 11.00 in the 100m by the end of this year may be fairly tough to do; focus on small steps at a time i.e. breaking 12.00, then 11.9, etc… Be patient and let yourself develop without becoming impatient if you don’t see a miraculous drops in times.

Alright, as far as your diet goes… You are not getting nearly enough to eat throughout the day; this probably wouldn’t even cut it for your minimal daily requirements if you were just sitting around doing nothing all day. Eating 5-6 times per day would probably be much better. I’d add in another meal after your dinner maybe around 9-10 pm depending on when you go to bed; something like a protein/fat combo like cottage cheese with some walnuts/almonds or something of that nature.

Barley see any calories in there, like I said before. Another thing I saw is your breakfast is a bowl of cereal with fruit juice. Not the best choices; get some high quality protein and carbs in there (egg/egg white omlette for example) ditch the fruit juice and opt for whole food instead. You gotta increase your intake though big time.

As far as your lifting goes, at least you’re doing something but eventually you need to learn how to do the barbbell lifts. Someone in your gym you workout at must know how to do these lifts; I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind helping you out if you ask them for help and advice. The squat and deadlift should be taught to you at the least, the benefits of these lifts are too many to list!

Check out some articles from John Berardi, search around in the nutrition forumns here, and keep asking questions. JB has some great info you can base your own diet around. Good luck!

I actually just meant to get by time below 12 actually, I made a mistake. I’m only 15 like I said in my first post. So Could you suggest a meal plan for me for the course of the day? (Please note I’m from the UK so we don’t have the same products over here).

Also, do you think Whey Protien Supplements aren’t necessary for someone my age?

My dad seems to think supplemets are bad news and I’ ve never to take them :mad:


Oh ok, well that is doable. Keep workin hard!

I wouldn’t suggest you stick to a strict diet unless you have some clear cut goals in mind i.e. losing fat, gaining

This article by JB, that is tailored towards athletes, gives some pretty good advice in terms of improving your diet:

As far as whey protein supplements go, I think that they aren’t necessary but definitely very helpful in getting enough protein in during the day, especially if you are a busy person and don’t have much time to be preparing all your meals. Add to that it is the cheapest source of protein available (in terms of price/servings ratios)

And I agree with what WC said about learning the barbell exercises, especially squats and deadlifts. Make sure you read up on correct form on the net as well as asking people. is a good place to start.

Thanks for the replies. Today was a better day;


Oatabix with Semi-Skimmed Milk
Half a grapefruit


2 eggs
A Sandwich - Lean ham and lettuce
Carrot slices
An Orange


A Chicken Sandwich
More carrot sliced
Cod Liver Oil


Roast Beef

(Mixed Salad as a side dish)


Handfull of Almonds
Cottage Cheese

Liquids: 7 Glasses of water, Sports drink

Gym Exercises:

Dumbell Bench Press: 3x10
Dumbell Military Press: 3x8
Shoulder Shrugs: 3x8
Dumbell Tricep Extensions: 3x8
Bicep Curls: 3x8
Squats: 5x5 ( Someone showed me how to do them :slight_smile: )
Straight Legged Dead Lifts: 3x8
Seated Calf Raises: 3x8
Pull Downs: 3x8
T-Bar Row: 3x8
Ab/Ad Machine: 3x8

Then I finished with some Ab work, a quick swim in the pool, a steam room and a sauna.

I admitt, it’s far from perfect, but it’s a big improvement.

I won’t give you actual meals to make because in all honesty that’ll take up too much time!

You need protein in EVERY meal. If you can’t cook, or meat is too expensive in every meal have cottage cheese.

Apart from that your diet above is pretty good. However, if you think that’ll make you muscular and lean it won’t. You’ll have to bulk up and cut to reach a good physique.

I suppose you will refine your diet over time. I hope that you give yourself a pat on the back for the excellent effort of eating nutritionally proper meals. Keep at it.

Norm from Toronto

I understand pa132435, but atleast if I have the right diet I can start to work on other things like the track and weight work.

Thanks for the support nfabbott.

Technique is nothing without speed and power.

I also spent time looking at the best quality sources of low GI food at your age.

Later on I realised body fat effects the way your body utilises nutrients. I learnt this by being muscular whilst carrying fat at 16 stone, whilst watching 14 stone extremely lean friends eat nothing but skittles.

The moral of the story isn’t eat sweets. Basically, work on your physique. Gain muscle, gain strength, lose fat. Perfect your technique.