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I got this last night!

Here’s another. A ridiculous ABC news "expose’ ". A lot of suggestion, innuendo re: the ills of creatine but nothing more than that.

I remember reading about this. They had been working out in 115 degree weather.

And the coach is so quick to point to creatine when his workout was carried out in dangerous conditions to escape the blame.

True, the problems just could not have come from horrible training methods:rolleyes: Immersion training? Sounds like a really bad idea.

My take on the the anchor’s tone is that he is quick to suggest that they already knew the results of the tests adminstered by the doctors. He seems to imply that it was the creatine. Editorializing poorly disguised as reporting.

Granted Im not a fan of creatine at all but I must agree I bet it was dumb training. Im dealing with a girl right now who’s trying to qualify for 2012 but she had a IDIOT who was training her like she was gonna play db for the texans. So you can guess the number of injuries she had.

Here’s another 1 about Vitamin Water

is a pretty intelligent guy when it comes to nutrition. I remember talking to him and he said one of his professors took 5 grams of creatine daily at 65+ years of age. I think utilized in terms of proper timing during the training cycle, it can be quite beneficial for many, not all. Some feel tighter and perhaps more injury prone while others use it without problem. These reporters need to be more responsible in their reporting.

I remember Charlie prescribing 3g a day. I’ve always used that measurement with no tightness or other problems.