Yoshihide Kiryu equals Junior World Record 10.01


Japanese teenager Yoshihide Kiryu has equalled the World junior 100m record* with a 10.01 (0.9m/s) clocking at the Mikio Oda Memorial in Hiroshima.

His record-breaking performance – which ties Darrel Brown’s World junior record from 2003 – came in the heats, and he followed it up in the final with a wind-assisted 10.03 (2.7m/s).

Kiryu’s time makes him the fastest ever 17-year-old over 100m. It is also just 0.02 off Samuel Francis’s Asian senior record and 0.01 away from Koji Ito’s Japanese senior record.

Kiryu – who will still be a junior through to next year – exploded on to the scene last year, twice breaking the World youth 100m best; first with 10.21 in October, then with 10.19 one month later.

His 10.01 clocking in Hiroshima was his first race of 2013 and puts him at the top of this year’s senior world lists

Having produced quite a number of 10.0x sprinters, the Japanese are the world’s fastest people of non-African descent. Does anyone know anything about how they train?

Wow!! Insane! I would be interested to find out what Kiryu does for training as well. He certainly doesn’t look like someone capable of running those times; he’s not really muscular and looks kinda doughy to be honest. And didn’t he just run a 10.19 in like November of last year? That’s only like 5 months ago! Has he rested at all since then? How are his season’s planned? If this is early season for him and he’s dropping 10’s then what is he going to run in late season?? Crazy stuff all around! Either way Japan and China must be doing something right as of late; both nations are dropping National Records in the sprints like crazy.

I wonder why they havent gone under 10 yet

From what I’ve heard Tellez had a huge influence with a lot of their coaches. Lots of technique work (Tellez biomechanical model), little to no weights. There might be a short thread on here somewhere about their methods.

The guy reminds me of Casey Combest from back in the 1990’s

Just my observations from a number of Jap sprinters over the last decade or so.

Most of them are quite small 5’7 and 62 kg range, they do very little upper body work, and alot of plys and speed work.

Do you know where this thread might be? I did a search, but no success.