Ive heard good things (re. flexability) and bad things (re. muscle memory) what does everyone on here think, yoga good or bad supplement to training?

Yoga has some positions that are usefull…I feel that the transitions are more important…

Yoga is extremely good for mastering breath. However, don’t forget that Yoga cannot be used as a tool in order to improve your sport perfomances, it is a way of life. Be cautious about micking things else and where, and mixing your own cooking with incomplete programs.

this makes no sense?? I am thinking about using it to supplement my training program for better flexability, are you saying this is a bad idea??

The best thing you can do is try it and see what kind of results you get. Some people swear by it, I tried it (hatha Yoga) and I hated it. The instructor, although qualified and somewhat knowledgable about anatomy, was still asking us to contort our bodies in such a way that would no doubt cause an injury.

Althought that doesn’t mean that you should discard it as a possible useful tool that will aguement your training, perhaps you can use it as a “slow” training day when you are feeling sluggish and not in the mood to workout, just be cautious of some of the moves they ask you to perform. If the instructor notices that you are not doing some of the moves and asks why, just tell her that you are already injured in that area and you don’t feel comfortable doing it.

The problem is that Yoga isn’t a stretching program. Yoga is a hole philosophy with some body position and stretching methods. Like Clemson says, transitions are as important as positions (right order), and if you start Yoga by yourslef or with a bad instructor, you can make mistakes and some position, apparently harmless, can lead to deap disorders (body, mental, mind). I(m saying that can be dangerous to pick soem position and use them in your flexibility program. The Yoga positions not only have effects on muscles and strings, but also on energy (chi), spritual, fluid systems, etc…
Of course, you’ll find some stretching programs called Yoga, but that’s a false name. You can’t use Yoga for something, you shall use something for Yoga, there’s a difference here. Yoga wasn’t designed for improving human being’s performances, even if a part of the practice seems to be close to the sport training programs.