Year two SPP


Approaching year two for most of my high level high school athletes. Last year for speed development, GPP included sled sprints, mostly in the range of 2-3x(3-5x3-5)

Example would include:
wk 1: 2 x (3x 30m)
wk 2: 2 x (4x 30)
wk 3: 2 x (5 x 30)
Wk 4: 2 x (5x30)
Wk 5: 2 x (4x30)
to about week 8 where transisiton speed work from GPP video was done. Explosive MEdball throws were done similar to GPP model for about 3 weeks. (wk 1 x 10, wk 2 x 8, wk 3 x 6 wk 4 off)

SPP was day 1 accel work, working 10-30s, timing full distance.
Example: wk 1: 3x10, 3x20, 2x30
wk 2: 3 x 10, 3x20, 3x30
wk 3: 2 x 10, 4x20, 3x30
wk 4: 2x10, 3x20, 2x30
working up to 40s where the 10s became more warm-up sprints and the sets would be 3x20, 3x20, 2x40

Day 2 was more finishing drills, EFEs, FEF’s focusing on segments of max speed.

Example: 2 x (10+10), 2 x (20+10), 2 x (30+10)
would progress. Length of sprint room is really 50m with about 10-15 m to slow down before hitting wall.

Plyos were done but not in great numbers, with more focus on strength work

This model yielded great results (upwards of a 0.1 on 20s and 30s). The problem I have is time. I only have so much time due to field scheduling and group scheduling (non negotiables).

Considering the time issue, it would seem the only way to increase stimulus owuld be intensity, since a volume stimulus would require more time.

My current thinking is to add more plyo volume to get great intensity, which can be done in smaller spaces available in the training center.

Squat weights are around 100% of the bodyweight (for females) and close to 150-200% for males. My Plan would be continue with 5x5 strength model while adding plyos and maintaining speed workouts.

What are you thoughts? Would this seem like a logical annual progression based on circumstances?


If you are looking for an intensity boost without a volume change, wouldn’t that be expected automatically without changing anything??
At this level you’d expect improvements which intensify all the subsequent sessions.