Yea I'm Gifted... but my friends call me Superman

I’m 18 years old with all the potential in the world. I believe in myself completely and my goals are simple. I want to develop abilities similar to those of a super-hero. I want to have super strength, run super fast, and jump so high people would think I’m flying. That’s not too much to ask, is it? But seriously I want to be sprinter, 100m and 200m. I’m thinking about running in a couple of meets towards the end of this summer. So this is what i’m doing to get ready for it

Where I’m Starting From
age: 18 years and 7 months old
training years: less than 1
weight: 193lbs
height: 5’10.5"
PB 100m: 11.4
PB 40yd: 4.68
PB bench press: 355lbs
PB squat: 495lbs
PB hang clean: 250lbs
PB vertical jump: 34"
PB SLJ: 10.5"

Here’s what I have planned for the next 25 weeks

GPP: 4 weeks
SPP: 6 weeks
Pre-Comp:4 weeks
Comp: 6 weeks
Recovery: 5 weeks

Tuesday, June 6, 2006: Tempo
880 yard jog
10 min. stretching
3 sets of 2 110 yard runs @ 70% w/walk-back recovery between reps and 2.5 min between sets

Wednesday, June 7, 2006: Weights
I didn’t get a chance to do my track work today. I had a job interview in the morning before work.

10 min. stationary bicycle
5 min stretching
squats 3x10x225lbs
bench press 2x10x170lbs, 1x10x225lbs
leg curls 3x12x150lbs
back ext 3x12
seated rows 3x12x225lbs
hang cleans 3x10x135lbs
arm curls 3x12x70lbs
abs 2x100

Thurday, June 8, 2006: Tempo
880 yard jog
10 min. stretching
3 sets of 2 110 yard runs @ 70% w/walk-back recovery between reps and 2.5 min between sets
880 yard jog
10 min stretching

Please do not do sets of 10 for olympic lifts (cleans). I’d top out at like 5 to 6 reps at most.

first off, congrats on setting your goal, with hard work and dedication, you WILL be able to acheive it.

some things that i noticed, looking at your maxes, why are your working sets so light and why are the reps so high. using half you bench max and squat max for high reps isnt going to get you strong and like mortac8 pointed out, no higher than 5 for oly lifts.

good luck and keep us updated.

thanks mortac i definitely will bring the reps down.

well for my first week of my gpp i decided to work at 50% of my maxes for most of my exercises because its been a little while since the last time i really worked out. I’m just trying to get my body ready. I do plan on increasing the percentages as the weeks progress though.

Friday, June 9, 2006: Acc. & weights
880 yard walk/jog
stretching 10min.
high knees 10 yardsx2
butt kickers 10 yardsx2
40 yard build-ups 2x2 2-min rest between sets
lying starts 11 yards 2 reps
form starts 11 yards 2 reps
20 yard 2x2
110 yard hallow run 2 reps walk back recovery between reps
880 yard walk/jog
stretching 5 min.

Squats 3x10x250lbs
bench 1x12x175lbs 1x10x205lbs 1x10x225lbs
leg curls 2x12x135lbs 1x10x150lbs
back ext. 2x12
leg press 3x12x450lbs
T-bar rows 3x12x90lbs
cleans 3x8x135lbs
calf raises 3x25x90lbs

Saturday, June 10, 2006: Tempo
880 yard jog
10min stretching
3 sets of 2 110 yard runs @ 70% w/walk-back recovery between reps and 2.5 min between sets
880 yard jog
5 min stretching

I got into a car accident last night, nothing to serious, but It kinda threw me off a bit.

Monday June 12, 2006: Acc. & Weights
no track today

Squats 3x10x275lbs
becnch press 2x10x225lbs, 1x5x250lbs, 1x4x275lbs, 1x2x300lbs, 1 rep x325lbs (I was feeling good)
leg curls 3x10x130lbs
back ext. 3x12
reverse hyp. 3x8
bent-over rows 3x10x135lbs
calf raises 3x20x135lbs
hang cleans 3x8x135lbs
arm curls 3x10x75lbs
shrugs 3x20x120lbs

Tuesday, June 13, 2006: Tempo
I didn’t get a chance to do any tempo today. I was business talking to insurance companies and lawyers.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006: Acc. & Weight
Again no track today, i’m really slipping. I just haven’t felt like doing anything since the accident.

I got up and went to the gym
Squats 1x8x325lbs, 1x6x350lbs, 1x4,375lbs, 1x3x400lbs
Bench press 1x6x250lbs, 1x4x275lbs, 1x2x300lbs
leg curls 3x10x135lbs
back ext. 3x12
leg press 3x10x540lbs
T-bar rows 3x12x90lbs
dumbell curls 2x10x35lbs
shrugs 2x20x180lbs
calf raises 1x20x90lbs, 2x12x135lbs

Thursday, June 15, 2006: Tempo
I finally got up and ran this morning and i felt really good.
880 yard jog
stretching 10 min.
4x2x110 yard runs @ 70% w/walk-back recovery between reps and 2.5 min between sets
880 yard jog
stretching 10 min.

Friday, June 16, 2006: Acc. & weights
Played some basketball this morning

squats 3x8x315lbs
bench 2x10x225lbs, 8x225lbs
leg press 2x10x430lbs
calfs 3x20x125lbs
back ext. 3x10x135lbs
shrugs 3x12x135lbs
cleans 6x135lbs, 6x155lbs, 4x185lbs, 3x205lbs, 2x225lbs
arm curls 3x10x95lbs

Saturday, June 17, 2006: Rest

Sunday, June 18, 2006: Rest
Father’s day! I listened to my father preach his first sermon at church.

Monday, June 19, 2006: Acc. & weights
800m walk/run
stretching 10min
highknees 2x10m
buttkickers 2x10m
40 m build-ups 2x2
800m run

Squats 3x6x315lbs
bench 8x250lbs, 4x275lbs, 2x300lbs, 2x325lbs
cleans 6x135lbs, 3x185lbs, 2x225lbs, 1 attempt x 250lbs
rows 3x8x135lbs

Tuesday, June 20, 2006: Tempo
880 yard jog
15min stretching
4x110 yard runs @ 70% w/walk-back recovery between reps
200 yard run

Wednesday, June 21, 2006: Acc. & weights
800m jog
stretching 10 min
highknees 2x10m
buttkickers 2x10m
40m build-ups 2x2
form starts 2x10m
lying starts 2x10m
hallow run 2x100m

Bench 10x135lbs, 3x4x275lbs
squats 10x225lbs, 3x6x315lbs
reverse hypers 3x10
back ext. 3x10x135lbs
leg press. 10x600lbs, 2x8x700lbs
pull-ups 2x10
seated-rows 1x10x120lbs
calf raises 3x12x135lbs
shrugs 3x10x135lbs
arm curls 2x10x40lbs
leg raises 3x15
neck flexion