This product rules…anyone taking XS? I am not a fan of any product with caffine but the other stuff is great!

What is it? What’s in it? What does it do?

I guess this is what you’re talking about:



So you use it to help your athletes get lean? Do you use it everyday and use the recommended dosage? Do you use it with high school athletes?

Pete, the product you have given the link for has Ma Haung. The athlete will test positive for this. Perhaps Clemson is talking about another product.

"What is “ma haung” (ephedra) and is it safe?

Ma haung or ephedra is an herb that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It was traditionally used by Chinese herbalists during the early stages of respiratory infections and also for the short-term treatment of certain kinds of asthma, eczema, hay fever, narcolepsy, and edema.

Japanese herbalists isolated ephedrine from Ma Haung at the turn of the century, and it soon became a primary treatment for asthma in the United States and abroad."

I think Clemson would perhaps mean this one http://www.properfitness.com/xsenergyef.html as the link you provided is not the ephedra free version.

Is ephedra banned for out of competition use also?

I didn’t notice. Thanks.

I doubt it. How would they no anyways.