Xavier Carter -> WOW

19.63 caught Gay from behind to win.


Ehme …catching Gay from behind…seems abit ambiguos… but what an amazing athlete…
He can be a world sport superstar ala Michael jordan and so on…

i can’t belive… it’s a incredible race!!! anyone has the xavier’s split for curve and last 100m?
also gay runs a fantastique race, i like so much his tecnique in turn!!!

lol eroszag it could hav been worse. gay could have come from behind to win…

anyway that was amazing!

hahaha, ya I should have thought bout that before posting

Looks like Spearmon almost gave up at the end. If he didn’t beat Bolt at the line he probably would have.

Hope to have a n autograph from x men in rome…I think he can become someone…

one must say at 19.63 he has already become someone.

X-Man is should change his name to The-Man.

Now we can await Ato Boldon’s dismissal of this race :smiley:

2nd fastest of all time assuming the ratification goes through. there have been signs that he was a special guy all the way back to his freshmen year. undefeated in the 400 since then in hs/collage comp. a sprint triple at arcadia. three even state champion. but i didn’t expect him to go this fast this early espically after the collage grind. he is a talent above all others. 4 under 20. :eek: Francis Obikiwelu runs 20.18 for 6th place.

no one even mentioned the hurdle record falling.