Xavier Carter feature before U.S. Trials


at 9:44 his coach says teaching him to lead with his thigh instead of his foot.

Does this mean he ran 19.63 leading with his foot?

Much easier to lead with the thigh when you don’t have a gun in your pocket (read the latest arrest news)

dam charlie thats messed up but funny at the same time lol

carter needs to get his act togethor and quit this ghetto mentality, or hes gonna be another shoulda woulda coulda has-been.

But you said: “before the trials”
So I just assumed…

He actually seems quite intelligent in this interview. What’s this about having the largest Nike contract ever?

lol the gun charges werent in his pocket though there were in his car and semi-hidden

map pocket bro!

haha, speed work in the early morning, half snapped state, running from the cops, gun in pocket, using the new feeling/cue, lol:D joking boys

In all seriousness, for how long do you think carter has been running with this new cue/feel? Maybe only since 07 fall, when he began training up with holloway?

Assuming his training remains uninterrupted (no off ice troubles/distractions) do you think he’ll run faster than 19.63 with a leading of the thigh feel?

He PR’d in the 100 at US OG Trials-10.00w1.8 with this new feel, and ran 44.72 early season, which are in the area of what he was at in 2006 at those distances. Had he not sustained ankle injury in US-Oly Trials, I think he could of at least ran in the vicinity of his 19.63 PR from 2006.