Xavier Carter 19.63!!

Xavier Carter 19.63!!

Tyson Gay was 2nd in 19.70

Usian Bolt 19.88

Wallace Spearman 19.90

(+1.4m/s wind. )

Out of lane 8 I heard!!! :eek:

O H M Y G O D!

Yep, out of lane 8. Tyson gay must have ran the fastest 1st 100m ever, he came onto the straight with a good lead then the X-Man just ate up the ground and in the last 10m he was gone!

video? Not more to ask …

holy snot. lets see what he runs in his upcoming 400. a triple threat to sprinting?

wowsers, yowsa

impressive very impressive gay looked great all throughout the race but carter finished great.that lites the spark for the 200 now

can we maybe see a 200 showdown with X-Man,carter,powell,gatlin,ob etc better changes than seeing it in the 100

you mean, +0.4m/s wind.

probably wont see gatlin in that race anytime soon.

Maybe in eight years or so. :stuck_out_tongue: