Xaero's journal

August 17, 2003

Holla everybody I am starting this journal for personal monitoring of my progression and the feedback from others.

I am 17, 6’/175. My pb’s are 100 - 11.7, 200 - 23.9

I developed my program with the help from Chris30
it looks like this:

day1 - starts and speedwork, weights

day2 - tempo, weights

day 3 - speed endurance

day 4 - pool work

day 5 - starts, speed and plyos, weights

day 6 - tempo, weights

I am starting with day 1 tomorrow, Aug 18th.


I’m assuming that when your doing weights two days in a row the first is lower body and the second is upper body. Is this right? I think I’d maybe switch it around to either:

day1 - starts and speedwork, weights

day2 - tempo

day 3 - speed endurance, weights


day1 - starts and speedwork, weights

day2 - speed endurance, weights

day 3 - tempo


The former looks a better set-up.

Yeah, on day1 I do lower body (squats, leg press, single leg extension and single leg curls) and day2 is upper body (bench, incline dumpbells, chins, biceps, triceps etc) It might seem like too much, but that’s how I used to lift before I started running so now I’m used to it.

I know it seems uncomfortable lifting 2 days in a row but I am ok with it, for now that’s what I will do and see how it goes

thx for suggestions

August 18th, 2003


a.m. - weights

I did: squats - 10x185, 6x225, 4x315 - down slow, up explosively.
leg press - 10x225, 6x315, 4x405 - same setup
leg curls - 3x10 70 with each leg
leg extensions - 3x10 70 with each leg

then I went to sauna & whirlpool

p.m. - warmup, stretch, drills
3 lying starts, 3 falling starts,
5x20m starts with blocks

3x40m }all out, 3 min rest btw runs, 6 min rest btw sets


whats up xaero,

are you planning to run this winter for indoor? if so, i would probably cut out the cns work on the track (3x30,40,60, 5x20, etc…), and focus more on building a base in the weight room, combined with tempo

even in comp phrase, that is A LOT of sprinting for one day

view some people’s journals that are in a gpp phase to see what i mean

however i could be wrong, what are some other’s thoughts? :cool:

Yeah, I am running indoors this winter and I definately did too much sprinting yestarday. I am going to cut it down cuz today i can definately feel unwanted fatigue in my legs.

thx for suggestions

August 19th

a.m. - upper body

bench - 1x10 135, 2x8 175, 3x5 205

dumpbells on flat bench - 1x10 55’s, 2x8 65’s, 3x5 70

incline bench - 1x10 135, 1x8 165, 1x6 185

incline dumpbells - 3x10 50’s

curls - standing with a bar - 3x10, 3x8 sitting with dumpbells alternating arms - 45’s

triceps - 3x10 on machine, 3x10 pulling down

pulldowns - 2x10 behind neck, 2x10 front chest

abs - leg raises - 2x25, machine - 1x40, inline - 1x40

p.m. - warmup, stretch

3x3 100’s tempo 65% effort, 1 min rest btw runs, 3 min rest btw sets also 40 crunches btw sets


August 20th

I don’t feel ready for a speed endurance day, my whole body is aching from yestarday’s upper body workout and my legs are sore as hell too

instead, I will do pool work today, and SE tomorrow

Sh*t, the pool was closed cuz some kid puked in it

i just went to sauna, jacuzzi and totally relaxed, now i feel great all the pain is gone

SE tomorrow

did speed endurance yestarday, Aug 21

10 min break
10 min break

the times were shietty

200 - 25 flat
150 - low 19
100 - didn’t have anyone to time me

4x80 60%


Aug 22

It’s raining like crazy, no track today


speed tomorrow

Aug 23

speed day

drills - a-skip, b-skip,

3x lying starts
3x falling starts
3x 20m starts off the block

3x flying with 10m buildup 30, 3 min rest btw runs
8 min break

3x60m off the blocks

i was the only person on the track, felt weird

plyos - single and double leg bounding, stadium steps


Aug 26th


3x 20m lying starts
3x 20m 3 point starts
5x 20m block starts

I am really trying to improve my starts but since there is nobody in my area that can show me the right way to do them i am all on my own

2x60m } all out, 3 min rest btw runs, 5 min rest btw sets



squats - 10x185, 6x225, 4x315
leg press - 10x225, 6x315, 4x405
leg curls - 3x10 each leg
leg ext - 3x10 each leg

jacuzzi, sauna

Aug 27

Had to take a rest today

10 min on bike

10 min step climber

10 min jog


feels great

Aug 28

long warmup - 1 mile


4x200 the goal is to make them under 25, 10 min rest in btw

1st - 24.6

2nd - 24.9

3rd - 24.5

4th - 24.7

4x80 60%


Aug 29th

recovery day


1500m of tempo 65%



4x30, 5 min break in between

will be gone for 2 days

Where in NY are you? Will you will be running indoors @ the armory?

I am in niskayuna, near albany. Yea, I am gonna be running indoors this winter. Where in NY are you?

sept 11th, 2003

Moment of silence.

Weights + little running/aerobic exercising.

bench with dumbells
incline dumbells

not going to describe the exercises because they are too general.

10 min on step climber machine
10 min on trade mill
litlte poolwork

ready to do some speed tomorrow