Wvu S&c

I don’t how many here have went to there strength and conditioning homepage, but it has there records. Anyways owen schmidt there fullback is listed as having a 525lb hang clean???..there wide receiver derious reynaud is listed as having a 695lb squat…are you kidding me?..those have to be bogus…if those are legit, then i feel like a weakling. Does anyone have any info on there S&C program?

A guy from my school plays at WVU as a DB…

those numbers are lies if you are talking about actual hang cleans and squats. They love to squat high though that is for sure.

525lb hang clean at 250? I’d like to see that one. Owen Schmitt…the future of USA weightlifting

Most of their squat prs are just below quarter squats from what I have seen/heard. The one guy had a squat max (going into his 2nd year) of like over 500lbs or so he said. He then proceeded to squat and I could see why. Sadly, I didn’t get to see him work out this past summer, but I expect the same shit.

shit gettting 525 into a rack position and holding it there is a feat in itself. I would loveee to see that one.

The problem with self reporting is that numbers and figures get blown out of proportion.

I kinda figured those numbers were bogus. It’s ashame that college programs will lie about there strength numbers. It does a disservice to all the olympic lifters and powerlifters(RAW & IPF) that do it the right way. It really irratates me.

Yeah no kidding. Look up the records for raw, tested lifters. Dose of reality. It helps filter the wheat from the chaff.

world record holder super heavyweight olympic lifter Hossein Reza Zadeh power cleans 586lbs, and this guy weighs over 340lbs. he can squat 305kg.

So the verdict seems that those guys weightroom numbers posted on this thread is bullshit

I went to School there. They use to test your with a spot, and actually count your max with someones hand on the bar. I had a rude awakening when I got out of their.

I have seen those guys workout before.

They are very strong, but numbers are commonly inflated in college football strength and conditioning.

I’m sure what happened is that one day a while back, they let a max or two slide that was a bit spotted. Then after doing that a few times over a few years, you they just couldn’t go back. They got to far in. That’s a tough place to be. In that case, if they really want a change, it has to either be when a new coach comes in (erase all previous records and start with me type thing) or change the tests. Go from back squat to front squat and hang clean to power clean, or something like that. And be really strict with it. Every time. One slip causes a landslide.

Could it be that bogus? They talked about the former walk-on, schmidt, on TV having a squat in the 600’s also.