WU for field hockey?

the tradition on my team has been to run one lap around the field and stand around static stretching every muscle for 15 minutes before games. our trainer tried to show us dynamic stretches, but they didn’t really catch on, and the most warming up we did was in the 10 minutes before the start when we’d simulate foul shot situations.

our team basically sucks, and it is quite an honest statement when i say that i’m one of the only players with substantial athletic ability or dedication. that having been said, our new coach is leaning on me as captain and as someone who knows what they’re talking about to help rehaul our program, and i figured the first step to anything is the warm up… is a typical track dynamic warm-up something that can be converted to the demands of FH? it’s not exactly a sprinting sport, but you definitely have to be warm going in…

i.e. 1 lap skip, 1 lap jog
ROM dynamic stretches
mobility drills including a skip, b skip, high knees, etc. etc.
stretch as needed