WR/DB training

can someone give me a good split for a WR/DB lifting to make gains during the season? Can someone give me what lift variations (like push variotion etc.) I should do on a Mon-Tue-Fri or Sat. The lifts I want gains in is Bench Most improtantly. One thing I can’t do squat beucase dont have enough weight at home.

I think that in-season focus is more towards maintenence than anything. 3 days a week might be too much for in-season… Me personally, I have found that twice a week is just fine for in-season lifting during football. When do you play? Friday nights? Saturdays? Go with the day after your game with an upper body high rep routine to get the blood flow going and to preserve yorur muscle mass; also helps with recovery after your game. Then go with tuesday or wednesday, depending on if you lift on Sat. or Sun. (Tues/Sat. or Sun/Wed.)… On this day I would work total body routine with low reps for strength maintenence, 2-3 sets of 2-5 reps (in that range) in the 85-90% area. Squat, Bench, RDL/SLDL, Olympic lift if you can, Chins/Pull-ups… Quikazhell mentioned this in another thread, he may of phrased it better than I have, but this is what I have found works well.

Also, what kind of equipment do you have available? free weights? how much weight is available? You can always varry up your leg routine with unilateral movements to adapt with what you have (dumbbells)… There’s always a way. Hope that helped! Check out my journal too, I dont follow what I said to you to a T, but it’s similar… Use that if you want and base it off what you need and how you can accomadate. Good luck!

I talked to a S & C coach and he said lifters who haven’t been lifting that long can make gains during the season and not be tired. I play on Thursdays. If I do monday tues day I have wednesday for rest. Then lift Friday after the game unless tehre is a varsity game i can go to. I have a barbell and upto 105 lbs counting the bar. I also have a short bar for a DB. The highest plate I have is 15 lbs. Yeah I know i can do one leg. But Its not the same compared to a back squat.

Thats true about unilateral not being the same as a back squat, but make due with what you have. Something is better than nothing at all… Unilateral are effective in that they address some muscle imbalances you may have, plus they will help with hip flexibility and coordination. Bulgarian split squats with foot elevated is one of my favorites, and I also like reverse lunges.

I suggest doing a moderate intensity hypertrophy workout deal on friday, the day after your games. Then your hardest workout of the week would be on Sunday, and that would be max strength or whatever else you can do with what you have. Then on tuesday I’d do something like bodyweight circuits because it’s still pretty close to gameday. That’s the way I do it basically, except move everything back a day because I play on Fridays.