wow...6 + days for a marathon?

I would first like to say i am in no way making fun of this but the way they titled the article is humorous in a way.
This paralyzed brain damaged dude broke the world record for the slowest marathon. Took him over 6 days. While this may truely be an accomplishment i feel bad for this man can you imagine how incrediably boring this must have been. How can he of managed to drag it out for 6 days? did he sleep along the way, go to the bathroom and stop to eat? i just dont get it.
i didnt even know they keep world records for the slowest? Mabyee someone can decide they want to set a new world record for the slowest 100? i dunno i just dont get it.

Good on him. He was raising money for research into that area (I think)

Mine too. Inspirational. :clap:

He walked 2 and 1/2 hours in the morning and 2 1/2 in the evening.
He had a bus with him to raise the profile of the walk and for sleeping etc.
This is a guy who the Doctors believed might actually not survive the 26 miles.
A very brave man.
Chris Eubank the boxer who he last fought in that dreadful fight walked the last miles with him.
His supporters raised 30,000 on the route, but he has raised over 250,000 in total.
He has my respect …

i have a few questions so i can understand exactly how truely amazing this feat is…
did he stop at all along the way? im assuming he was not allowed to get off course so did he stay awake for 6 days straight. and how and where did he eat and go to the bathroom?

I’ve worked in this area, so I know the issues. I think it’s great, not only for the guy doing it, but for the example it FORCES “experts”, who claim it’s impossible, to finally acknowledge. If you think you are confronting ignorance on the track… you just have no idea!


Michael Watson’s marathon was trully an amazing feat.

He was in a coma for 6 weeks following a boxing match (title fight) with Chris Eubank. He was stopped in the 12th round and 1min later was in a coma.

His doctors said he would never, never walk and talk again.

Now look at him.

Whilst not 100% (partially paralized in his left side). For him to complete a marathon is right up there with Paula’s achievement.

Well done Michael. Inspiration to us all.