Would NO-explode and Z-force(zma with tribulis) be benifital during basketball season

i had a question now ihave heard no xplode u dont get real bulky etc and i heard zma works real well i just orderd both. Would they be benifital durning baksetball season while im doing the DB- or auto reg training cause that trainign is differnt then most. Like sometimes the days are real hard and take a while and some days then take like 30 mins please let me know asap if you think it would be benifital for me to take them during season while still training under the db system.

ZMA is a good choice.

Why are you doing DB’s program?

wht bouthttp://www.bodybuilding.com/store/bsn/xplode.html thats the no-xplode and im doing db training for increase vert and strength .

ZMA yes, ZMA with tribulus (combined I gather) no.

Not the same formula I gather?

here i show u what i mean

agreed herb… chopz why dont you just get regular plain ZMA?