would like some advice on this training model

was wondering what you guys thought of this program, i am now wel into phase 2, i felt nice a strong coming out of phase one, but not im finding that im not sleeping well and have put on some Bodyfat%, ran a comfortable 10.80 for my first race into a headwind but felt a bit zapped going into the race. i am also experimenting with supplements, i was acreatine for phase1 which was 4 weeks, but now off it.

phase 1 pre-season
mon -weights 3X10 track bounds,sled, acceleratrion
tue-top speed
wed-weights, speacil endurance
fri-same as monday

phase2- competing(but not tapering)
mon- weights 4X5 track bounds Accelerations from blocks
tues-top speed
wed-speed endurance
thurs- blocks

Phase 3 - (hoping to run fast)
Mon weights (3,2,1) track bounds, acc from blocks
tues-top speep
wed speed end
fri -rest

You are doing too much High Intensity work in a row - Mon to Thursday.

For example, Ben Johnson was doing:

Mon - Speed/Special Endurance
Tues - Tempo
Wed - Speed
Thurs - Tempo
Frid - Speed/Special Endurance
Sat - Tempo
Sun - OFF

My advice would be to purchase the Charlie Francis Training System E-book from the Store as soon as possible and read it. Its only $19.99 and will be the best investment of your athletics career. It outlines the basics of Charlie’s model and the training used by Ben, Angela and Mark.

See a detailed review of the book here:


thanks for your input, i will purchuse that, just some background, obviously im new to this forum, i came to the forum becuase i have recently left the squad i was with and now training myself, so the more input the better!!!

I would advise you to seek out a good coach but if that is impossible then CF.com is the best place to start.

the problem i have is that i have to work and train, so i have to be a bit flexible with my training times, which was not working with my coach, i have read speed trap, and liked most of the stuff in it so thought i would research programs myself and find a training program thats suits me.

Good idea, If you have the money (and want to save yourself time) you can just ask Charlie to write you a programme. Go to the consultation page on the front of the site.

Otherwise you are looking at GPP DVD then Van’04 DVD for in depth training information upto the Outdoor season. Once you have the basic gist post some ideas of sessions and people will help you out.


thanks TC,
in regards to charlie writing a program, i have filled out that form twice probably a couple of months ago, with no response. so hopefully charlie if you read this, please get back to me, as i am fighting for a spot for the commenwealth games, and need some advice.