would it be okay

Would it be okay to have a program like this? I’m hoping I don’t overtrain and get maximal results.

Monday_ leg day followed by @ least 1000 skips

Tuesday_Plyometrics followed by Tempo runs plus @ least 500 skips

Wednesday_ Push day followed by flying sprints plus @ least 1000 skips

Thursday_ Same as Tuesday

Friday_Pull day plus @ least 1000 skips

If you need to see the actual workout including lifts/sets/and reps I’ll post it later. Thanks

anyone? thanks

WQhy so many skips? Too much high intensity work on a daily basis.


Is this your in season program? Our camp starts in about 1 week, and many camps have begun already…
Are you really thinking of doing this during your season?

i’ll cut down on the skips. and no pre-season doesn’t start until early september so i have some time til then. anyone else? i’m really debating when to do sprint work because thats what I need. thanks

bump post.